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Nov 7, 2007 11:28 AM

lunch in northern liberties (philly)

Can anyone recommend some good places for a group lunch on a weekday in Northern Liberties?

I love Standard Tap, but they don't open until 4pm.

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    1. Had lunch at Liberties today. It was pretty good and was actually open for lunch in that neighborhood. They have big tables in back for groups

      1. hmmm i don't know what all is open for lunch. i live in northern liberties, but work in the burbs so i'm not often around for weekday lunches. north third is my neighborhood fave but i don't think they open til 4 or later.

        i think azure a block north of standard tap is open for lunch, and i've had a few good things from them. they are spacious, so i'm sure they could handle your group. http://www.azurerestaurant.net

        you could see if tiffin (indian, 7th and girard) has room for a group upstairs... does anyone know if they have dine-in lunch service? i do know they deliver at lunchtime.

        i wish more places here were open for lunch. it's more of a late-night neighborhood, as there aren't many people around during the workday to have enough of a demand for much lunch service. sovalo, il cantuccio, bar ferdinand, modo mio - all good places, but i don't think they are open for lunch (are they?). you might have some luck at honey's sit n eat, and i know a good amount of people like them due to the weekend brunch lines, but they totally fail to impress me.

        1. Koi on 2nd is open for lunch and if you don't mind putting up with some attitude, Il Cantuccio is open with a great lunch deal.

          1. I always enjoy the Abbaye for a weekday lunch. Great sandwhiches, fries, etc.

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              ah, i'd forgotten about the grilled cheese i used to eat from them quite often as i waited for two months for a refrigerator to be delivered to my house when i first moved in! great beers, too, if it's a drinking lunch!