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Nov 7, 2007 11:14 AM

Springfield area BYOB's

Hi. We will be heading to the Wine Library in Springfield on Saturday for some wine shopping and we'd like have dinner at a BYOB in the general area, following our spree :)
Any cuisine works for us.

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  1. I got your place - Le Rendevouz in Kenilworth (if you don't think it's too far).

    1. I agree with Le Rendezvouz. If you're in the mood for Italian and not far from the Wine Library, try in Summit either Joe's Pizza and Vittoria Restaurant on Springfield Ave. (don't be put off by the pizzeria/sub shop look on the exterior - they've got a nice dining room in the back with consistently excellent Italian fare), or La Focaccia Restaurant on Morris Ave.

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        Thanks. Should mention that hubby and I are coming from Freehold and we are meeting up with a friend at the WL coming from Lincoln Park. So we are looking to stay in the general WL area. Thanks again.

      2. Definately agree about Le Rendezvous!!! Philipe is the most gracious and caring owner!! He is so eager to please!!! Very ayyentive service, and quaint little space!!