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Nov 7, 2007 11:00 AM

Dean & Deluca's Chestnut Mille Crepe -- any ideas how I might make this at home?

The Dean & Deluca holiday catalog just arrived at my house--an annual event that has me salivating at the mailbox. This year my first crush is their Chestnut Mille Crepes, but I just can't bring myself to pay the $110 they're asking for it. Of course, it's a lot of work, but if I could just make a variation for myself and the hubs, I'd be one happy woman.

Their description says the desert, which has "a thousand" crepes (figuratively, I'm guessing..?) layered one on top of the other, is sweetened with chestnut cream filling. I'm assuming this is smoothed in b/w the crepes.

I've been thinking a long time about investing in a crepe maker. Maybe now's the time. I know some of you have made mille crepe before. Your suggestions for a homemade recipe would be really appreciated!

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