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Nov 7, 2007 10:59 AM

Alternative to Greenwood's for Thanksgiving pies

A friend of mine told me that Greenwood's won't be making pies for purchase for Thanksgiving. The piemaker is apparently on maternity leave. This is unfortunate. Any suggestions for an alternative in the Roswell, Marietta or Alpharetta area?

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  1. Slug, I plan on asking the owner of Wildflour, the excellent new place at Roswell Mill, if they are planning to make any. If so, there is your answer. All bakery items are excellent.

    Fickle Pickle is another possibility.

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    1. re: FatAndOld

      Interesting - is Roswell Mill making another go of it? May I ask, is Wildflour a bakery or a full scale restaurant?

      curious minds want to know

      1. re: Franklin Smith

        I had the exact same thought as Franklin Smith about Roswell Mill. Turns out that Wildflour isn't in the Roswell Mill complex. It is in Founder's Square right next door to the Mill. It is across from Chaplin's and where Edible Expressions used to be.

        I called and spoke with Michael Field (the owner/chef) about pies. He seems like a great guy. He is making several different things for Thanksgiving, all of which sounded really good. He used to own Portabella's Panrty in Alpharetta. I never ate there but I know a few people who did and really enjoyed it. I found a short article about Wildflour. Here's a link to it:

        I hope that Wildflour is a success. It is terrific that this part of Roswell is doing well as evidenced by how busy Relish seems to be and the great music scene at Ragamuffin.

        1. re: bananna slug

          Ahhh - thanks for the additional detail. I've eaten at his previous "Portabella's Pantry" (which is where Nantucket Sandwich Shop is - near Smokejack) as well as at "Portabellas" - the later incarnation prior to it's demize. The food was always on par, but there seemed to be a lack of focus in the front of the house. Regardless, I'm happy he's back - I certainly hope he's still making a version of the roasted pork in poblano cream I've missed it!