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Any good restaurants near King of Prussia?

I just moved to the area and would love to find some good places to eat around here. I'd like to try something new, so no chains. Any ethnic foods would be great. Or even initeresting ethnics stores around to shop would be good. I'm willing to drive up to 30 minutes to find some good chow so please help. Thanks all!

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  1. Unfortunately, you have moved to the land of the chain restaurants....but never fear. I've heard about numerous Indian and Thai places nearby, and I'm sure others who know will elaborate.I do recall a decent indian (or pakistani ??) grocer on Gulph Rd next to Peace-a-pizza. Otherwise, I suggest: Creeds (near the mall), Majolica or Black Lab (Phoenixville).....and a 30 minute dirve can get you to Philly, Wilmington, West Chester....so there's a lot out the for you.

    1. 333 Belrose in Radnor is my favorite restaurant in the area and just a short (~10 min) drive away.

      For ethnic food:

      Indian - Desi Village on Gulph Road is pretty solid and pretty much the only place I will eat that's actually in KoP. :P Also A Taste of India in the Gateway Shopping Center is not too far away and is excellent.
      Thai - Thai Pepper (Ardmore) or Flavor by Thai Pepper (Wayne) are pretty good.
      Japanese (sushi) - Hana (Wayne) is where we go, also heard good things about Blue Fin (Plymouth Meeting).
      Chinese - Sang Kee Asian Bistro (Wynnewood) has some great noodle soups. But my favorite by far is Han Dynasty in Exton which is truly superb and well worth the ~20 drive from KoP.

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        I happened to try Jaipur Indian cuisine for dinner one day - I loved the quality of the food..it is in KOP and very close to Desi Village.

      2. Try Dolce Vita on Dekalb (202) in Bridgeport. It's an Italian BYOB. Although it changed hands about a year or so ago, the new couple that run it seem to know what they're doing.

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          Agree - I love that place. Its is such a nice couple that run it and they serve great home style cooking.

        2. You are basically in my territory so listen up.
          In Berwyn is a wonderful Asian restaurant (pricy) called Nectar. Go during the week if you want to hear yourself talk.
          In the Radnor-Villanova area are so many goodies I don't know where to begin.
          Fleming's for steak (yes I know it's a blasted chain, which I totally hate, but not this one -- trust me!)
          Susannah Foo (right next door to Fleming's) for Asian.
          Pond and it's sister across the hall, less dressy, called Bistro Cassis.
          Savona in Gulph Mills is a very upscale New Yorkish restaurant
          Sola (my personal favorite) in Bryn Mawr is a very small gem leaning toward the French.
          Also in Bryn Mawr is a casual, and priced right Mediterranean Grill with the most delectabvle homemade soups, shish-kabobs, hummus, you-name-it. Right up the street in Rosemont is the delicious and sophisticated Blush.
          Yangming for Chinese in Bryn Mawr.
          In Wayne is the toney Taquet. Lunches are delicious too.

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            Agree with all of Idia's suggestions. The new Teresa's Next Door has great mussells and fries in downtown Wayne also.

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              idia - have you ever been to ristorante primavera in wayne? there is never a crowd there AT all (but i've only been for lunches) - i love the service and the food always pleases my groups. the marinara sauce is nice and rich.

              to the OP - definitely check out the looooong thread on indian food in the western suburbs (near the top of the board currently as i believe royal india was reviewed yesterday) - there are enough excellent indian options in there to keep you chowing for a week or more!!

              if you head on down to conshohocken there are some good finds - my favorite being pepperoncini, others are decent like stella blu and the gypsy saloon (though i haven't been to those in a while as i moved from that area a year ago).

              there are some lovely taquerias to be conquered up in norristown - i love la michoacana on the main street. bunch of places on west marshall street, too.

              i always got the feeling that there was some good undiscovered italian chow in bridgeport, but i never found it. i might have to make a trip out of my way to check out den's suggestion of dolce vita one day.

              a hearty second for flavor by thai pepper in wayne (despite its horrible name and lacking wine list) - i eat their spicy noodle dish quite often and it's the best thai in the area.

              a place so out of the way i'd forgotten about it: has anyone been to lemon grass thai near the genuardi's in KoP lately? i used to have them cater lunches often until my company put a ban on ordering in food from outside the work cafeteria. ah, i miss thai for lunch meetings.

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                Because there are so many choices, I have not been to Ristorante Primavera for years but I have enjoyed many lunches are great there.
                In Conshohocken is Blackfish which is also a decent seafood place.

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                  darnit... on a revisit to thai pepper last week i think they might be slipping. i ordered my favorite, the spicy noodle, and rather than the wide rice noodles it usually comes with, it came with the thin noodles, like they use in pad thai. i hate those noodles because they always taste overcooked and mushy to me, and this was no exception. maybe it was just the noodles, but i also thought the spice was toned down... as in, i wasn't sniffling throughout my meal.
                  i really do wish they'd spice up their wine list, too... literally... asian food shouldn't be paired with such watery wines.

                  bah. it wasn't terrible but it wasn't great. i have a label for thai places like that (simply because there are SO many not-good/not-bad thai restaurants in the philly area): T.G.I.Thai-days. :)

                  next time i'm going to revisit that lemon grass place in KoP... i used to like their corn cake appetizer a lot, it's the only thai place i've seen do that one.

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                    Rabidog - I assume you're talking about Thai Pepper in Wayne? I'm surprised that the spicy noodles were not up to par. Thai Pepper is by far my favorite thai restaurant on the Main Line. Lemongrass, in my opinion, has awful service and subpar, greasy food. But maybe I'll give it another try.

                    1. re: FoolForFood

                      If not too far, try Thai L'Elelphant in Phoenixville- it is so good! And they have a nice lunch deal-7.95 for 3 courses. I think far better than TP & LG. you can print the 20% off coupon for dinner.

                      Somethingnew...along with Thai L'Elephant try Twin Bays Cafe & Black Lab (I like their lunch). Los Mariachis (Gay Street) is great authentic Mexican. Also, Iron Hill is a local chain, far better than any regular chains in KOP, and great brewed beer.

                      In KOP, Bagelicious for best bagels around. For pizza, Sicilian something (next to Wild Rice/Dairy Queen) has good pizza & wraps/subs. For breakfast/lunch (only open til 3) try Classic Diner in Frazer, not too far.

                      Also, really like Dolce Vita- the female owner makes a great ceviche as a special. A really nice homey atmosphere too.

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                        I really enjoyed Dolce Vita the last time I went except for one thing which won't keep me from going back. I had gnocchi with pesto and the pesto separated and it ended up to be gnocchi in a pool of oil with basil on it. They need to work on the pesto...probably too much oil or not enough cheese.

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                          Where is Thai L'Elephant (I live in Phoenixvile)....and also...how is Los Mariachis.....it seems to be the only mexican place in the area...but the somewhat shady exterior and block have kept me at bay. Yes...I know these are usually good signs for good chow....but for some reason, I;ve just never been inside.

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                            Thai L'Elephant is on Rt. 23 about a mile west of Rt. 113.

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                              Thia is in the shopping center across from French Creek/Staples/redners. The mango duck is so good if that suits your style. Be sure to print a coupon. We love Los Mariachis- shady looking, but authentic good food, and they are very nice. Need to order pretty straight forward since little English. We love the enchiladas de mole. nice large burritos, great guacamole sauce. Always a nice crowd in there when we go. And fresh homemade flan too. Def try if you like Mexican!

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                                Can you give me better directions to Los Mariachis?

                                1. re: anamika74

                                  downtown Phoenixville- 201 Gay Street

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                              pamd, what do you order at the Sicilian pizza place? I'd love to give it a try.

                              1. re: FoolForFood

                                I actually take my toddler there for pizza & he loves it. I've had a few wraps & a hoagie. It is always crowded & the staff is super nice. I was once in there & a girl mentioned it was her 3rd time in that week for the same thing she liked her meal so much- some meat wrap or sub with fries. It's the best I've had in KOP area for that type of food. Give it a try- they have specials daily.
                                My favorite pizza in that area is actually Franzones, but it's sweet, so will only appeal to those who like sweet sauced pizza.

                                There is a really good steak sub place out Phoenixville too Joey's (next to Rita's water ice)

                            3. re: FoolForFood

                              foolforfood, yes, and it's usually my go-to place, too. i'd just noticed recently it's not been on par with previous visits.

                              haven't been to lemongrass myself in ages, wondering if anyone has recently?

                              phoenixville's a hike for me in the opposite direction, but maybe next time i try to catch the produce junction during business hours (they're always closed by the time i get there!) i'll give it a shot.

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                                Lemongrass Thai greasy? Awful service? Hmmm - don't think I've experienced this and I go here a fair amount for lunch, as it's close to work and they have a great lunch deal. Love their thai iced tea and green papaya salad. For the lunch special I usually get the Basil Tofu. Give it another try. http://www.phllemongrass.com/prusia/h...

                                Thai Place in Phoenixville (Giant Shopping center) is great - love their adorable menu, too. Still haven't tried the other Thai restaurant down the road (Thai L'Elephant across from Staples) but will have to get there.

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                                  Here I am restarting an old post but - wanted to update everyone on LemonGrass Thai in KOP as i know its always getting mixed reviews. I had been about a year ago for lunch but only had soup - which was great. but didn't feel that was an adequate enough of an experience to post about. We went for dinner this weekend (saturday night) and everything was wonderful! Husband got an appetizer of pork dumplings (or something like that) and a seafood dish for his entree. He loved both and he isn't easy to please sometimes! I ordered the fried tofu with sweet/sour dipping sauce for my appetizer (4.95) - awesome and a lot of it!! then for entree got the vegetable/tofu pad thai (10.95) which was incredible! We both left here saying we can't wait to go back. At first the service was a little slow on drink refills (husband sucks down soda like crazy!) but once they noticed he was drinking them down, she was more prompt on refills. They aren't friendly or chatty, thats for sure, but our food was timely and service otherwise good. Only complaint husband had was that he felt his entree portion wasn't big enough, making him especially glad he got an appetizer all to himself. we didn't order dessert - as we planned to go to whole foods for cupcakes on the way home haha... Anyway, we both left there saying we can't wait to go back, maybe this weekend to try their lunch out. Loved it. Oh - also it appears they no longer have a website...

                          2. re: idia

                            What makes Savona particularly "New Yorkish"?


                          3. Crawdaddy's in West Chester on Rt. 3 is our favorite restaurant. The jambalaya and shrimp creole are to die for!

                            1. I would recommend Rock Bottom for steak and beer. I think there might be one or two more of these, but I wouldn't consider it a "chain." The location near you is actually at the KOP mall.

                              I preface this with the fact that I don't really drink beer, but the few times I've been with my fiancé and his brother and their friends we have gotten a sampler, which comes with I believe 6 small beers and sometimes an extra one or two specialty ones...and I've actually liked some of them! My dinner of choice are the steak tips, which they serve over mashed potatoes in a brown sauce...mmmmm tasty!

                              Hope that's helpful! :-)

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                                its a national chain...though i agree, it doesn't have the feel of a chain. There were a couple in CO, one in downtown denver when i lived there

                                1. re: EastCoastWineMan

                                  Ya know...I feel like I saw one in Boston the last time I was there. Good that I have a memory...or not.

                                  Anyway, you are very right in saying that it does not have that "chain" feeling. I think part of that is probably due in part to the fact that each place will have its own distinct beer.

                                  1. re: EastCoastWineMan

                                    Rock Bottom is one of the largest chains of brew pubs. The one in KoP mall used to be a Brew Moon before it was bought out. I have been to Rock Bottoms in Florida, South Carolina, Chicago, Boston, Colorado. The beer will vary by the brewmaster. I would highly recommend the Schwartz beer at the KoP location.

                                2. I was in that 'hidden' Staples on US 30 right by the Blue Route in Villanova and heard construction noise. The Staples guy told me that a two-level "Mayas" was going in in the space that used to be the Fresh Grocer. He said that the bottom level was supposed to be a coffee bar and the top level: finer dining. This may be rumor mill, because somebody else said a fitness center was going in someplace ---- but there is certainly more than enough empty real estate to go around over there.

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                                    it has been in the works for over the year...not sure what the deal is.....construction has been there for more than a year. American Bistro/ Market on the 1st floor and fine dining upstairs...the owners have another place on the main line also....not sure what....

                                  2. In the area on a business trip, I had a great dinner in a place called Stella Blu, I couldn't direct you there but I think they have a website. I guess I'd call it "creative Italian". It's worth going just for the mac & cheese with lobster, which a couple of us shared as a appetizer, and I had a veal entree that was delicious.

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                                      Stella Blu is closed. It is no longer in business.

                                      1. re: idia

                                        Stella Blu is not closed. They were doing renovations. Here is their new menu: http://dishpublicrelations.com/privat...

                                        And here is a link to directions to the restaurant:

                                        Their website hasn't been updated and doesn't show the new menu yet, tho.

                                    2. yum, here's something worth checking out... from reviews on this board + a day i just wanted to escape from the office, i went out to lunch by myself at su tao, a 100% vegan chinese buffet. it was awesome! totally crowded even though i arrived late, after 12:30pm. oh there were an absolute ton of dishes, from veggies to fake meats, tofu, and even fried apples and bananas for dessert (a dangerous thing to put out on a buffet!).

                                      started with a spring roll which was just OK. i am picky about spring rolls. the inside wasn't chopped finely enough and the outside shell was very thick and crusty making for a tough eat. i think i sampled every dish on the buffet (no small feat!!) and in particular i liked the general tso's "chicken" which wasn't like other nasty fake meats i'm used to. more a flaky but dense pastry-like thing in a ton of nice and spicy sauce. goooood. other standouts on the buffet were the kimchee and kale on the salad bar. delicious! i can't wait to take another long lunch to visit here again. at only $8.50 or so, i could do it nearly every day!! su tao is out rte 30 quite a ways, in the same shopping center as the himalayan indian restaurant. it's in the back of the shopping center, not to be confused with the asian restaurant more towards the front. it's a little hidden foodie mecca back there. in addition to himalayan, which i also like, there's an indian grocer i want to check out.

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                                        I think Su Tao is known for the "healthiness" of its food. I heard the food is quite salty. I wonder if that was your experience. I think this restaurant would be ok for macrobiotics.

                                        By the way, the Indian grocery you mentioned is owned by the owners of the Himalayan restaurant.

                                        I make it down to Malvern rarely, and the few times I go down there, I want to pay my respects to Royal India or Himalayan. I'd like to try Su Tao one of these days, but those darned Indian restaurants keep drawing me back! One of the many aspects of Indian food I like is that it is so colorful. Macrobiotic food, in my experience, can tend to be more monochromatic (i.e. brown/tan, except for the raw salads).

                                        Maybe one of these days when I am in the mood for "lighter" fare, I should try Su Tao. I'd think the overall experience of eating there is that the food is "lighter."

                                        I look forward to your next detailed review of Su Tao the next time you visit. I haven't been back to Himalayan in awhile. Some years ago it featured some dishes I haven't seen since, like some egg dish that was some sort of lightly curried mixture. In recent visits, some of the dishes have been good, and others too oily. I'd go to Chinnar more often if it spiced up its food in its lunch buffet. The food there tasted very fresh, but was too bland to make my visit memorable - it's a subjective thing, of course. I'd recommend the restaurant particularly for people who don't like spicy food and want to be exposed to north Indian food.

                                        1. re: FelafelBoy

                                          well, you don't have to wait long... i went for lunch again today. it's very solo-diner-friendly.

                                          hm, i guess you can eat healthy depending on what you get from the buffet. it's two long rows, one filled with salads and veggies, the other filled with rices, fried morsels of veggies, spring rolls, fried fake-meats and tofus in sauces, all the bad stuff...

                                          while i generally don't go to a buffet to fill up on salads, you can't resist the veggies here. today there was no kimchee, but in its place a korean "potato salad" (did i read that right?) with (i guess) strings of potato and HOT peppers. i've got a good spice tolerance, but i definitely got the sniffles from the hot green peppers. the kale is AWESOME too. i guess it's sauteed in something, maybe garlic? there's also edamame and several cold noodle salads, in addition to the standard veggie salads... and hummus... weird. oh, and a grilled tofu cold dish which i liked very much. you can definintely keep it healthy here, as the guy next to me did, he had only brown rice with a big salad, various veggies, soup, and tea. oh, i forgot to mention soup previously. there's a hot and sour and a miso, i think. tried the hot and sour last time, i like white pepper but it was too white peppery for me.

                                          on to the hot buffet... i think my fave thing were the veggie "meatballs" in a sweet and sour sauce (one of the most colorful dishes on the buffet). i ate six of them! (they're way light, approx the size of a ping pong ball). that sauce is the best on the buffet. the general tso's mock chicken is decent, sauce is a little tangy and different from what i'm used to. there's also mock chicken (i think it's tofu) in a standard curry with a hint of indian spices... i like that sauce a lot, too. a couple other things, some heavy on the white pepper, there are fake duck dishes, etc. had a steamed dumpling with a filling the same consistency as a tuna salad... a little heavy for a dumpling so i'm glad i only got one.

                                          standouts are most definitely the sweet and sour meatballs, the kimchee (when they have it), the kale, the fried rice, and those fried bananas. unlike the indian places, where i'm hard pressed to finish my one dish, here i find myself going back for seconds and if i felt really gluttony, could perhaps stomach a third.

                                          an accidental side note, because on the hot buffet there are only signs on one side... i didn't realize at first the fried bananas were bananas, and lumped a few on my full plate atop the sweet & sour sauce. actually quite a pleasant, albeit odd combination.

                                          for its mammoth selection of 100% vegan items, i really do recommend you try it! only slightly lighter on the stomach than one of the lighter indian buffets. actually, its neighbor, himalayan, i never leave feeling overly stuffed. i think you can get the same experience here...

                                          1. re: rabidog

                                            Your detailed review is appreciated!! The meatballs sounded good. When I scouted this place years ago, the salad bar didn't tantalize my appetite. Maybe the taste of the vegetables is different from the appearance.

                                            When viewing the hot buffet, I did notice alot of starchy/carbohydrate type dishes, more protein type foods cooked without the sauces typical for the Indian type dishes. Maybe that's why you weren't so full (no cream, butter, and other dairy additions to fill you up).

                                            I find that combining dairy with the meat/poultry at the Indian places is a main instigator for creating the experience of getting "bloated." (experiment - have a few pieces of tandoori chicken, or chicken tikka masala, then drink an entire glass of lassi, and see if you aren't suddenly "filled.")

                                            In that part of Malvern/Frazer you visited, there are two other Asian places, located on Lancaster Ave. (rte 30) - they have interesting names - something like "House of Noodles" or something to do with soup (not sure about that). I wonder if you have ever tried those places since you seem to enjoy exploring Asian foods.

                                            1. re: FelafelBoy

                                              I love Pho, but was told that the noodle place (I think it's Bamboo) is not good. I'd love to find decent Pho in the burbs other than Thai Pho Nam (that one's in Blue Bell)

                                              1. re: pamd

                                                Best place for Pho is in Telford, Vietnam Cafe, 179 Penn. Ave. Very authentic.

                                                1. re: cwdonald

                                                  I wouldn't exactly call Telford "near" King of Prussia.

                                                  1. re: mitchh

                                                    mitchh--I was thinking the same thing; must be at least 20-25 miles.

                                              2. re: FelafelBoy

                                                oh, trust me, you don't even need the meat at an indian place to feel bloated!!! what does me in is all the naan, bhaturas and samosas... top that with some cream-based sauces or potato dishes, polish it off with a lassi - i definitely skip dinner on those nights!

                                                admittedly none of the dishes at any chinese place i've ever been to are visually stunning... it is a lot of brown similar-looking sauces... but once you try them and find your faves, it's easy to get past that. oh, i forgot all about the eggplant dish in a garlicky spicy brown sauce! yum....
                                                also the kimchee and kale have never LOOKED terribly appealing to me - but once you try them... wow. if you like spicy... the kimchee is addictive. you won't really fill up on it, either.

                                                you know, i think i saw house of noodles long ago, and forgot about it... i'll have to check them out. i'm on a mission to try everything within driving distance from work at least once.

                                        2. At Chinnar, the food is terrific.. I hate to give away our little secret..but afterall, we want them to stay open!.. When we really want to treat ourselves to good and I mean GOOD Indian food...we go to Chinnar for one of their weekend buffets!! Out of this world.. We have been to all the Indian restaurants in the Philly suburbs, looking for that taste that we've only had in our Bangalore home. Weekends, they put out all the extras, Lassi, pani puri, bhuturas, and their naans are always authentic, thin, and soft, not chewy and fluffy..For a couple, its about $20 for the weekend buffet. Weedays are great too..But we love the slow place, and all the extras, that they offer during the weekend.

                                          We only hope that they continue to stay superb after the word gets out! They are still a "new" restaurant...but surprisingly elegant for their strip mall location, complete with real cotton dining table cloth. Abosolutely the BEST Indian restaurant! Forget taste of India, or Jaipur..Their goat curry has real meat, not just cartiliage and bone, and plenty of veg/non veg choices.

                                          To rate local Indian restaurants, number one being best..
                                          #1. CHINNAR
                                          #2. Aman's
                                          #3. Desi village-next to peace of pizza, KOP
                                          #4. Taste of India--Weekends only-weekends are a nightmare!!
                                          #5. Jaipur- for the curry desperate.

                                          1. Nectar in Berwyn on Rt 30 is very good, although a bit pretentious.

                                            For pizza, you can't beat Franzone's in Bridgeport. Valley Forge Pizza in Phoenixville is also good and has good pastas.

                                            1. I agree with the Savona suggestion.....also try Myrna's Cafe in Blue Bell...it is under construction now; but soon to open...also Bella Trattoria in Manayunk is awesome !!!

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                                                I just wanted to comment on Savona. Just seeing the word on the screen causes my mouth to water. I've been 5 times since 2002 and every time I am reminded why it's my favorite! It's not cheap, or even moderate -- we're talking special occasions only! My wife and I were engaged at Savona's so we go back whenever we can.

                                                The cuisine is french mediterranean with an emphasis on seafood and FLAVOR. When I spend 100+ on a meal (and that's easily possible, without wine, entrees are in the 20-40 range) I am looking for NEW and BOLD flavor. Savona delivers. The kitchen delivers flavors that other restaurants will be reading about next year. The chef's tasting menu is all you should be getting, if you like your taste buds. It's amazing, and you get the royal treatment. Every course is the best of it's genre you will have tasted. This is a meal you'll want to discuss!

                                                I compare it favorably to Bec Fin and Moshulu downtown, but in disclosure I haven't been to Moshulu in a few years. The ambiance and flavor beats Bec Fin and the portion size and service beats Moshulu. (Of course we're splitting hairs, you can't go wrong in that grouping. But next time you want french elegance and a taste explosion, stay in the burbs and try Savona. You'll be glad you did!)

                                                The wine list is legendary too - if that's your thing. I'm a Gin man, and of course they carry my brand!

                                              2. Check out Teresa's Cafe in Wayne, PA - italian place. Husband and I really enjoyed our meal there this weekend and its not far from KOP at all. KOP in itself is a cluster of chain restaurants that, IMO, are all really disappointing.