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Nov 7, 2007 10:29 AM

Best Chinese Delivery to Downtown

Please help me to find some of the best chinese delivery to Streeterville area .
I am bummed out Jias closed.

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  1. Not to be a downer, but my answer in a multiple-choice test would be "E; none of the above." Maybe there's a hidden gem that I don't know about, but I've found that the Chinese food in the area is really bad.

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    1. re: Pugman

      Agreed our Chinese food in chicago, for lack of a better term, sucks!

      I do, however, order from House of Hunan on Fullerton and Clark on a regular basis.
      They deliver to River North, and my sister's place in West Loop, so I assume they'll deliver to you too. I'll give it better than average, but not like SF or NYC.

      1. re: jbontario

        I don't think Pugman said that Chinese food in Chicago is bad, just in the Streeterville area. In fact, there are a number of very good Chinese restaurants in Chicago, and catering to many different tastes. However, I also cannot think of any in the Streeterville area. But there are a number in Chinatown that would be good for takeout and that's not too far a drive from Streeterville.