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Nov 7, 2007 10:28 AM

Chocolate, Caramel and Sea Salt, Yum!

Just got a chance to try the new Dark Chocolate, Caramel & Sea Salt candies at my local TJ's last night. Thick, crunchy dark chocolate shell, gooey caramel with nice chunks of sea salt on top. I think they're about $4.99, but I'll double check and report back.

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  1. Yeah, TJ's is starting to get in their holiday specials -- lots of boxed chocolate of various kinds. I bought the Designer chocolates (I think that's what they were: flat squares of chocolate-covered ganache fillings, some with writing on them). The couple I tried were good but not great. That is, very good for inexpensive ($4.99 or $5.99) boxed chocolates, but not in the same class as the handmade artisan chocolates (Rechuitti, Barlovento, etc.) they resemble. I almost bought the sea salt caramels -- I'll try them next time!

    Also, they have unsweetened Belgian chocolate for cooking that looks very good and is certainly a steal at $2.49 for 8 oz.

    1. I heard of a similar chocolate bar by Bottelli that's made with caramel and fleur de sel.....Mmmm...