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Nov 7, 2007 10:15 AM

One week in Loire Valley

We will be spending one week in the Loire Valley (halfway between Tours and Bourges) with our two 9 year old daughters. Can anyone give good recommendations for dining. My girls are very mature and well behaved in fine dining establishments but we want them to feel welcome.

Thank you, Lynn

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  1. Le Bon Laboreur in Chenonceau is wonderful, with modern cuisine in a lovely setting. I've been there several times over the years and it is consistently excellent and not terribly expensive.

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      rrems - thank you. I will add Le Bon Laboreur to our itinerary.

    2. Loire Valley: How wonderful! When you visit Amboise, don't miss BIGOT pastry shop, one of the best in France. They serve light meals, home made chocolate, delicious pastries. For a more consistent meal in the eveningm try Le Comptoir des Epices, opposite the entrance of the chateau.Quite a treat!
      I was sent to both places by a French woman who runs a delightful cooking school in Paris (a world in a pan) and my group had a great Amboise experience.
      Bon voyage!

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        Within the past week, there was a post asking for information about Amboise. I submitted a reply to recommend Le Grand Vatel in center of Vouvray. Excellent cuisine in a refined but not at al stuffy dining room.. Prices very reasonable and Vouvray is a short drive from Tours (east/northeast. There are also lots of Vouvray wineries in the area where your daughters can get a tour and sip good wines (our favorite is Chateau Moncontour).

        Although I have not eaten there in many years, you might find it worthwhile to visit the Chateau d'Artigny on the west side of Montbazon just south of Tours. The setting is beautiful (a chateau restored many years ago by Rene Coty and now a hotel). Lunch in their dining room might be a very lovely thing to to (can't speak for prices or quality of food due to long absence from the place).

        From D'Artigny, it is a short drive to the chateau of Azay-le-Rideau which I recommend if you have not been there to tour it before. It is smaller than many of the better-known ones, but has a lot of charm.

      2. I've been searching the web to try to recall the name of a restaurant where we had a fabulous lunch several years ago and finally found it. Chateau de Rochecotte near Langeais. The food was exceptional and not overly expensive, as far as I can recall. The atmosphere is amazing. You will feel like royalty. The building (it's also a hotel), dining room and grounds are spectacular.

        1. Tell us how your week in the Loire Valley was!!