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Nov 7, 2007 10:14 AM

Dinner suggestions Sat. night near Lincoln Ctr.

My wife & I have NY Philharmonic tickets for this Sat. Starts at 8. Both Mike's Bistro & Levana are opening too late to allow us to eat & make it on time. Anyone have some suggestions for alternatives that might open around 6:30?

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  1. although it's east side, but merely a quick cab ride --- maybe give solo a call and see if their doing sat nights yet? same with gusto va mare? -- even my most favorite

    1. The new Cafe Blossom - may be too high. 82 or so and Columbus?

      1. I can't imagine a place being open early enough to do it if those two aren't. I think you'd be better off going up to Darna or Mike's afterwards.

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          I called a few places & on a lark also called Ksoher Delight on Broadway. They're the only one thta's open at 6:30. So if we want fast food, there's that. We'll probably eat something at home before we go.

          1. re: mikeinnyc

            Could you imagine a non-kosher eater saying that... I'd like to dine at the Four Seasons but if it's not open I'll go to McDonalds!

            Were you considering Mike's and Levana because you want to enjoy a pleasant dining experience with your wife or just because you might be hungry? If it's for hunger, then eat at home or go to KD. Don't waste your money at a restaurant. If it's for the dining experience, then go for a nice dinner after the concert, when you won't be rushed.