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Nov 7, 2007 09:44 AM

Prepping Mashed Potatoes

Is there any harm in peeling and cutting up Potatoes hours or even a day before I boil them? I usually do it a few hours before hand and soak them in water (more for to have a place to put them than for any other reason) but I'm having a bigger than usual T-day this year and would like to prep them earlier, if there will be no compromise in quality.

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  1. I think that would be fine as long as they are totally submerged in water. I actually make my mashed potatoes the day before, and on Thanksgiving, I pop them in the microwave with a bit of butter. They come out nice and fluffy, and taste even better than if I did it on that day.

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      Although not for Thanksgiving, I have made Barefoot Contessa's Parmesan Smashed Potatoes many times and I, too, often make them the day before, put in a casserole dish, and reheat in the oven for dinner. I would have never done this, but Ina has a blurb in the cookbook about doing it, so I tried it with great success. I have no idea if it matters, but these mashed potatoes are very creamy, which I like.

      I'm making more traditional mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving, and I was actually contemplating doing it the same way -- making Wednesday, reheating Thursday.

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        My oven is usually too full to put the mashed potatoes in there, but the microwave is empty! If your potatoes go in creamy they will come out creamy.

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          They have butter, half & half, sour cream and parmesan cheese. So good. Making a similar version, but with roasted garlic rather than parmesan cheese. Not really sure why, but don't really think that cheese belongs on the Thanksgiving table.

          Oh, and we moved into a house (from an apt) this summer and this is my first time entertaining with a double wall oven!

    2. I think it would probably be fine if in water, but if I were you I'd do a test run this week with one or two potatoes just to make sure that is the case.

      1. I have let potatoes sit peeled, covered in plenty of cold water for as much as 8 hours and no problem. I do advise that if you are stretched for time, make your mashed potatoes in advance, using 6 oz. or so of cream cheese to 5 lb. potatoes, adding usual butter & milk. This seems to be my trick for successfully re-heating the potatoes in the MW or oven. If you put in some parsley or roasted shallots & garlic, that will override any "re-heated" taste as well.

        1. I've kept peeled potatoes sealed in water-filled zip-locks for days - I think a week might be pushing it, but anything less than that is fine. The only thing you must NOT do is boil them and try to keep them! I was mashing potatoes one night, and just as they finished boiling I discovered the milk had gone bad, so I drained them and ran down the street to the store. It wasn't more than twenty minutes, but they came out dreadful and gluey.

          I have done my mashed potatoes either the previous day or earlier on the same day, and with sufficient butterfat in the mix they reheat very nicely in the oven - half an hour at 250º, starting from room temperature. I have not had similar luck with the microwave oven, but then mine has never been a particularly good one.

          1. Kind of a tangent to the original post, but could I make my mashed potatoes early in the AM and keep them warm in a crockpot until dinner time? (We usually eat around 1PM) Or would it be better to make, allow to cool and then reheat?

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              Cool and reheat. Holding potatoes gets them tasting stale. If it's only going to be four or five hours, I would not even refrigerate them. Put them into an ovenproof server, Corningware or similar, and cover and set in a cool place, then reheat in a 250º oven as suggested above.

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                I tried to hold mashed potatoes in a crock pot once as an experiment and I ended up making glue. It was gross. I will add though that they were red potatoes and not russets which I usually use.