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Girls Night Out in Bucktown/Wicker Park

We need a rec for a Saturday girls night out. We're looking for a fun, trendy restaurant in Bucktown or Wicker Park. Sushi or something latin would be great, but we've all been to Coast to many times (love it btw) so we need something new. Any suggestions?

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  1. "Sushi or something latin would be great"
    Travel a few miles south, and have both?
    I've never been, and really have no interest in going. Just a suggestion:

    If that doesn't excite you, then here is my "blammy!" rec.
    Semi - trendy, and "latin." if you like the food more than needing to be seen, an obvious choice:


    1. Sushi Samba and Fonda Del Mar are not in Bucktown or Wicker Park. Sushi Samba is certainly trendy, but the food is just good and not cheap. If you're going to travel down to River North, I think Japonais has a better combo of Trendy/Sushi.

      The best Sushi I have had in Bucktown is Mirai. A table in the second floor lounge would be a good fit. I can't think of any good Latin in those neighborhoods. I was underwhelmed by the Adobo Grill branch on Division, and likewise with Mas, if it is even open anymore. Carnivale in the West loop always seems to get good reviews for groups out on the town. Maybe not the most authentic Latin food, but its fun, trendy, and I've always had a good meal there.

      BTW, some other past GNO links.


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        You're right about Fonda Del not being in those specific parts of town, but I was thinking that in a car, I can get from north/mil/damen to fullerton and kimball in about 7 minutes. (I absolutely loved living around Logan Square. Seemed close to everything.) From there it's like three blocks west. My experience is that it would be the best food of that type in the area, and well worth the short travel.

      2. around chicago and damen- Bob San. great sushi, modern ambiance. also an adobo grill on that corner.

        1. Hot Chocolate in Bucktown is fun. So is Crust in Wicker Park. For really great sushi that compares with Coast, I love Hachi's Kitchen on California in Logan Square, about 5 minutes north and west of Buck/Wick.

          1. What about Mirai? It's definitely one of the best sushi places in the area. As for drinks later, the Violet Hour is always a good idea (but you will have to get there before 9 to avoid waiting for a table).

            1. MAS is really good, great drinks and the food is tasty. It's on W. Division, so technically it's east uk village, but worth going to.

              1. Thanks to you all for the input! We were already planning on going to Violet Hour for drinks afterwards, so we're going to try Mirai for dinner. I'll let you know what we think.

                I'm saving a few of your other suggestions for future outings though!

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                  The restaurant suggestions are great... I always see a ton of GNO groups at Coast in Bucktown. The sushi is good and it's BYO which is always fun.

                  May I just say that the Violet Hour is not actually a great place for girls night out unless you really just want to sit at a booth or around a table and only talk to each other. Dont get me wrong - I think it is one of the coolest bars in Chicago, with the best bartender and drinks, but only when you can sit with one other person at the bar or when you are on a date and want it to be just the 2 of you. Maybe you are all attached and really don't want to mingle or talk to anyone else?? But you should know going in that there is no mingling, no loitering around the bar or people approaching you. You cant just hang out at the bar and chat. People got kicked out when we have been there for doing just that. I have also seen many a group of single friends come into the Blue Line Bar and Grill after a drink at VH, or actually seen them leave the VH after checking it out. There are other fun, swanky bars that are more appropriate for Girls Night Out.

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                    Make sure to sit upstairs at Mirai--it has a much cooler vibe...

                  2. If you're looking for Latin on a Saturday night in that area, go to Coco's (Modern Puerto Rican Cuisine) - 2723 W Division. Great food, great cocktails and at 10 on a Saturday expect a salsa/merenge band in the summer. Going into the winter, normally a band, sometimes a DJ. Weeknights: known to host art gallery after parties. If there's one thing I know, Puerto Rican's love to dance.

                    1. I'm planning a similar night in the same are (Wicker Park/Bucktown) for 4 of us girls for tomorrow (Saturday) night. I wanted to see if in the last year, anyone has any updates or new suggestions? The reason I thought to ask because I looked up Mas and it was closed, so there must be new places I haven't come across. A few specific details and questions on what I'm planning:

                      - For dinner, budget is ~$20 pp not including drinks
                      - One of us doesn't eat raw fish and one of us is vegetarian, but Mirai's food sounds interesting to the other 2, there appear to be enough cooked/veggie options, and the atmosphere sounds good for a GNO, what do you think? Other suggestions? Can be any kind of food, but looking for a cool atmosphere and maybe some people watching.
                      - I agree that Violet Hour isn't much of a mingling crowd, but I'm taking the girls for one round so they can see the place since it's so unique. Any suggestions for after?
                      - I was telling the girls about Hot Chocolate and we are getting determined to work in dessert post-dinner and pre-Violet Hour. Is that way too ambitious?