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Nov 7, 2007 09:14 AM

Peniche in White Plains?

Hi everyone! I'm thinking about having a 10-15 person birthday celebration at Peniche, I plan on visiting later to check it out, but just wondering if anyone has been there. I'm interested in how the food was, obviously and the atmosphere. Also, is there a separate lounge there, or a lounge nearby for drinks?

Thank you so much!

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  1. Was there last night for the first time. I'd definitely go back, but probably only on special occasions or on expense accounts. To give you an idea of the price, there are no bottles of red wine for under $30, only a handful between $30-$40, and the majority well over $50. Cheapest glass of red was $9, with others in the $12 and up range. Pretty expensive for a tapas place.

    The food is very good. The absolute highlight was the Bitoque- skirt steak served in a bowl over brioche with a poached egg on top. Delicious. Also excellent is the calamari (paired with a great, simple tomato/roast pepper sauce). The fried Manchengo cheese is good, but could be bigger for the price. The shrimp empanadas have no discernable shrimp flavor and few recognizable shrimp parts. Desserts (churros, flan) are great.

    They have about four very long communal tables in the middle of the main dining room that are perfect for groups. The place is completely redone since Trotter's and has a restaurant and a seperated bar area. Very hip, cool vibe. The open kitchen is a nice touch.

    The plates are small (obviously, as it's tapas). To fill up, you're spending over $25 per person on food alone. Add that to the expensive drink menu and it's not repeat-customer friendly (although this is Westchester). I'd recommend it, as long as your not looking for a bargain. I'm only dwelling on the price because it's a place I'd love to frequent for small meals or drinks and apps after work, but the pricing makes me think the owners are shooting a little too high, too soon for a (very good) Tapas place.

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      I went there for lunch and enjoyed it. The price point is decent but if you don't watch yourself it could get a little high. I had the cod fritters, batatas bravas, octopus, caziz salad and the bitoque steak. Everything was good and the standout was the octopus. My least favorite was the bitoque which wizzapizza above loved but I have had it in Newark and this version just didn't do it for me. The place is absolutely beautiful and I would love to see what it looks like in the evening. They must of spent allot of money renovating, maybe that's why they do not give any complimentary condiments and that they even charge for bread!

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        "they even charge for bread!"


    2. I have been there several times. The food is excellent. The atmoshere is "lively and hip" with people having fun. I understand that their lounge and downstairs dining will open very soon, don't know when exactly. Best thing to do is to order a couple of plates for each person first, then see what else you want. Staff will keep taking orders as often as you want.

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        A friend whose opinion I value tremendously tried it this Saturday. Overall he enjoyed the food, but indicated that Barcelona in Greenwich is a better tapas experience. He wasn't amused by the communal seating, especially since they wouldn't take a reservation for 2. I am planning on trying it in the near future as I live in WP, and will let you all know what I think!

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          so no reservations?? that'll be hard. but thank you everyone for all your insight!! i look forward to trying the place out.

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            Went to Peniche on a busy Friday night around 8-ish and was able to get seated in the communal area right away without a reservation, and they also told me if I waited 3 minutes I could have a table for 2 in the front dining area (it was too loud for me).

            The communal dining area was very enjoyable and we were able to hear each other and ask others about what they were ordering/eating. We loved the food! We had grilled bread with a white bean spread, sliders made from pork and beef with homemade ketchup and gorgonzola (a standout), a cheese plate and sangria. Dessert looked good but we were full. Would go back there in a heartbeat, it seemed to be a very happening place. For two of us, it was about $36. I didn't think $7 for a big glass of sangria was outrageous for Westchester.

      2. I had been very eager to try this new restaurant! I had lunch here today, and i decided its my favorite new restaurant in Westchester (thats probably a lie, but i really enjoyed my meal today!)
        We had the pork sliders (comes 3 to an order, perfect cute size! It was a little bit sweet and the meat to bun proportion was perfect! It wasn't heavy at all so i was able to enjoy the other dishes!), the marinated octopus (very light, nice change of flavor from the other dishes which had very strong flavors), shrimp in chili sauce (perfectly plump shrimp in a very spicy salsa!), skirt steak with this red pepper-nut spread (OMG this was so good, the grilled smokey flavor was unbelievable with the red pepper sauce), arugula salad with jamon, hardboiled egg, and almonds (this was a good dish to have to take a break from the other flavorful dishes... the salad itself was delicious though!). And for dessert we had the creme brulee which was also delicious!

        I just picture this place to be like very appropriate for a lot of different occasions because of the versatility of the menu. You can order lots of small tapas, a few tapas, an entree, just some meats and cheese, whatever you want! Im really excited for this place!!!

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          1. It is the perfect place for drinks, especially their Happy Hour fridays, which just started. For a birthday, they have a beautiful lounge downstairs with a great decor. It felt as if I was in SoHo. They generally have a DJ late night as well. Food is second to none. By far, the best choice for White Plains when it comes to a bar/lounge/restaurant.