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Nov 7, 2007 09:01 AM

Kosher for Lunchtime Thanksgiving

For various divided family loyalties we're taking our kosher grandparents to a lunchtime thanksgiving. I called Pat's but they're not opening till 3:00 and the fixed price menu is higher than we'd like but the price is not so much the deal breaker as the time.

Someone told my grandmother about a place called King David on the 6100 block of Pico. A search of this board only shows the King David grill closer to the 8000 block and and from the looks of a drive-by it's certainly not a thanksgiving place.

Oh, and my grandfather in law won't return to The Milky Way because they tried to charge him for extra bread 15 years ago.

Can anyone help with a suggestion? There'll be at least 10 of us and probably more like 12-13.



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  1. You might also try posting this to the Kosher Board of CH - There is the King David Grill at 6118 Pico (I got this from - also other places you might Shilos Steakhouse at 8190 Pico - I have not been so I can not speak for the food