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Nov 7, 2007 08:17 AM

Waffle Mania Belgian Waffle Truck at Civic Center Farmer's Market - SF

This morning at Civic Center Farmer's market I came across a waffle truck! The man at the truck said that they are usually at the Marin Farmer's Market, but today was their first day at Civic Center. According to the truck sign, they are based in Mill Valley.

I tried a waffle (3 dollars) and it was really really good. The outside was crispy, and parts were almost caramelized along some of the edges. The inside was soft and still very hot...almost slightly undercooked, which I loved. The waffle was topped w/ powdered sugar which made for messy eating as I walked around the farmer's market since the powder blew all over my clothes and face. It was, however, delicious. I am excited that the truck is here and I hope it stays! If you're in the area, I recommend stopping by.

Dave MP

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  1. Presumably it's the same folks who sold me a waffle at the Oakland Grand Lake market several Saturdays ago - wasn't bad, though the crust seemed a tad chewier than I'd have liked. Still, a nice change from the usual crepes/steam-table Thai/etc I usually see at the local farmer's markets.

    1. My wife and I just tried it based on your post. It was very good. Although the inside wasn't as hot as we would have liked, it had a nice texture and we liked the contrast between the crispy outside and the chewy center. The owners said that they plan to be there every week for the entire day, but they would have to see how business is going at that location. They also said that they get their batter from Belgium and claimed to be the only U.S. distributor. Hopefully they'll stick around, it's a nice addition to the usual farmer's market food trucks.

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        I'm glad you liked them, though that's too bad the center wasn't very hot. I saw quite a few sitting there when I bought mine at 8:45 AM....but until people start lining up, I think they'd be better off making only a few at a time so that they're always very fresh and hot.

      2. What kind of toppings do they have? Strawberries and whipped cream like I first had at the Seattle World's Fair?

        1. Interesting...if these are the same people at Oakland Grand Lake, I think they charge a dollar more there, which is why I've never tried the waffles...four dollars for a small waffle is outrageous to me. They better be good (and hot) for that price!

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            I'm not sure if it's the same ones that are in Oakland. The man only mentioned Marin. I didn't even ask about toppings, since toppings are 1 dollar extra. However, I got a sample of an apple slice to eat along with my last few bites, and that worked very'd be a good experiment to carry a waffle around to see which fruits in the market go best with it.

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              What day of the week is Civic Center Farmer's Market?

                1. re: artemis

                  So the Waffle Man is there two days of the week?

                  1. re: ChowFun_derek

                    I don't know. He implied that he's only there Wednesdays, but perhaps they will be there on Sunday too.

                    1. re: Dave MP

                      If he only goes to one market at a time then Sunday is the big day at Marin.

                      1. re: wally

                        Thanks guys...I'll give wednesday a try!

                          1. re: Agent 510

                            I went again today. Waffle was good. Like Spatlese says, the crust is a bit chewy, but I think the flavor is really great. These waffles remind me of really good churros.

                            I was there at 8:40 AM and I saw several people eating/buying waffles.

          2. does anyone have a telephone number or an email address to get in touch with the owner of the truck? I'm pretty sure his name is Derby Preston.

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              From the Marin Civic Center FM website:
              Jean-Louis Van Den Bosch & Alain Dupont
              Waffle Mania