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Nov 7, 2007 08:08 AM

Gifts for expat in Paris? [moved from France board]

I'm trying to come up with some good ideas for gifts for an American expat living in Paris. Something he can't get there (which is getting harder, these days!), and generic enough that he's likely to enjoy it. So far I've thought of maple products...but I think you can already get syrup there, right? And besides, isn't that what everyone brings over from here?

Anyone have any ideas? Particularly people who are living there, or know someone who is? Merci beaucoup d'avance!!

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  1. I was always a sucker for a big old tube of Crest toothpaste.

    I've been back since 2002 - the things I liked when I lived in Paris included bourbon (for some reason, all you get there is 4 roses), various idiosyncratic toiletries, tastykakes (i'm a philly kid), and, yes, maple syrup.

    1. When our friends were living there they asked us to bring over chewing gum and contact lens solution when we visited

      1. I've brought chewing gum, fig newtons and Mallomars....

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          chewing gum...that's true, isn't it, you don't see people chewing gum. Smoking, yes; chewing, no. Hmm.

          I keep hearing Mallomars. I've actually never had one.

        2. On my shopping list for a visit to the U.S. are: Melinda Hot Sauce, pepperoni (better to my taste than chorizo, which is readily available here), and Monterey Jack cheese. Maple syrup is widely available here, as is Skippy peanut butter. Also, I miss deoderant soap (Dial, Irish Spring), although that would be a peculiar gift.

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          1. re: henri cat

            Melinda hot sauce? Is that the best stuff? (I must confess that it's not an area of expertise for me.)

            I know you can get maple syrup there now -- but can you also find maple sugar candy?

          2. Thanks to all of you for those replies!

            To elaborate further, it's someone I don't know well, and along the lines of a thank-you gift. And he's far from his student days. I'd probably feel funny sending something like toothpaste (great as the idea is). Hot sauce seems like it might be more along the right lines...

            What about salsa? Maple sugar candy? Peanut brittle?