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Nov 7, 2007 07:57 AM


Has any one been to the SD bay wine and food festival? I love the SB county vitners spring and fall festivals also the SLO fall barrel fest. sorry I missed this years. Anyway I have never gone to the SD one. It seems that it is very commericalized (Yes I know that the ones I went to are commerical as well, but you know what I mean) Also what about the crowds? Are people just chugging wine to be chugging wine and getting fall down drunk? or is it a little more mellow. No PB labor day beach crowds, I hope.

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  1. Well, cheapest ticket is $45 to attend a cooking demonstration, packages over $150 per person, so I think the crowd dynamics will be different...


    1. I've been to it a couple of times. I thought there was some worthwhile stuff if you're seriously interested in wine, less so for food. There are various hucksters selling stuff like cutting boards and kitchen gadgetry, and some pretty lowbrow foodstuffs. There are also a lot of local restaurants serving pretty decent snacks. Lots of good wine, too.

      That being said, there's certainly a significant percentage of folks who seem to be there just to get liquored up. Particularly at the nighttime wine tasting, which last time I went was at the Westgate. At Embarcadero, I saw a few people passed out on the grass. Even so, they aren't young PB-types acting foolish.

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        my worry is that after spending 150 bucks some people feel that they need to get their moniesworth and act like sharks at a feeding frenzy. I also guess I like the money go to some sort of good cause like the celebrate the craft tasting at the Lodge at Torrey Pines. That was the right size and the food and wine was excellent and the crowd was nice and mellow.

      2. I agree with Josh that the wine offerings are excellent. I would disagree on the food. I have been every year and this event is the best of its kind in San Diego. The Zoo event may be bigger but the crowds at that one make it very difficult to try everything you would like to try. Unlike many similar events, the San Diego Bay Wine & Food fest has a lot of top quality chefs who show up offering sample. For the last couple years Riko of Asia Vous and Gavin of El Biscocho have been present along with many others. This is a great opportunity to sample cuisines from many Chowhound favorites. Look at the website to see the variety of quality restaurants that will be there.

        The crowd is large but spread out. Napping on the grass is great if the weather is right. Not at all a rowdy crowd.

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          We hit the Celbration for the Critters every year and it does get crazy. That is why my s.o. convinced me to do the V.I.P. level. That way we have done all the tastes we want before the rabble gets in. Usually the wine tasting lines are not so long but the food ones can be quite long especially if it is something that seems expensive. And it is for a good cause.

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            We did that this year too, and it was ok, but not really high level food - VIP stuff was from the Brigantine chain and the best of the rest was Ruth's Chris, the Cohn Restaurants, the Fish Market, etc. It was also outrageously crowded with lines twenty people deep at every table, even at the VIP party. I did like that they served Nicholas Feuillatte champagne though!

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            As I said, the food from the restaurants was pretty good. It's the other food exhibitors that I thought weren't so great.

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              been "napping" on the grass have you? ;-)