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Nov 7, 2007 07:36 AM

What and Where is the BEST mushroom dish in town?

Just out of curiousity, what and where is the absolute best mushroom dish in town? It has to be a single dish, and price / value doesn't matter.

It can even be a sidedish, but I am just looking for the best take on mushrooms.


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  1. The mushroom medley at Craft is heavenly!

    I had a mushroom omelette at 202 Nicole (in Chelsea Market) for brunch, and oh my god! I can't believe how much mushroom that was piled. It was delicious!

    1. There is a vegetarian Korean restaurant called Hangawi. They have an entire Mushroom Menu. We tried the spicy chilli Mushroom entree and it was YUMMY!!!! I'm still thinking about it 1.5 years after trying it!!!

      1. I hesitate usually about recommending a dish I've not tried, but in this case I've both seen and smelled it, and it got great reviews from my fellow diners and the NYT - the wild mushroom soup at Alto.

        1. The wild mushroom dish with pistachio cream at Momofuko Ssam Bar gets my vote.

          1. The vegetarian Asian-style restaurant Gobo has a great king oyster mushroom dish, the mushrooms are sliced like wedge shaped french fries, then dipped in flour (or maybe corn starch?), and seasoned likely with salt and pepper. The texture is meaty, and so yummy!

            Ditto the mushroom medley at Craft.

            At Inagiku (Japanese restaurant at the Waldorf), they have these maitake mushrooms that are cooked on a hot stone. They're warm, slightly crispy, and have a slight grilled flavor, and they're fantastic. Served with lemon juice and salt. It's appetizer size and about $10, but yummy!

            There was also this chinese restaurant on Broome (forgot the cross-street) called Funky Broom or something, they serve small shitake mushroom caps, dipped in corn starch, then fried, seasoned w/ salt and pepper. They were a bit salty at the time that I tried it, but it was a refreshing change from the standard salt and pepper squid that you always see on chinese menus.