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Nov 7, 2007 07:34 AM

Red Cat

Has anyone been lately? Opinions please!

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  1. I just tried it last week and it was okay, but I can't even remember what I ate so I suppose it wasn't earthshattering. Service was professional with the exception that nobody took our coats (no coat-check maybe?) so people had their coats plopped next to them on the banquettes. The feel of the place struck me as somewhat blandly businesslike, say somewhere you'd do an art deal at lunch. The sound system was on very low so you heard a constant chunka-chunk disco beat like you would out of a subway rider's ipod headphones. That's better than up full blast, I guess.

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    1. re: Up With Olives

      agreed. I used to really enjoy it but had a mediocre experience about a week and a half ago. Management changes aside, the dishes weren't that great...specifically the beet tartare (awful) and the trout was remarkably uninspiring. The tempura green beans are still good though...

    2. I haven't been in about a year, but I've always found the food solid and the atmosphere pleasant in the past.

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      1. re: Lucia

        Wanted to love it there, but was disappointed, service was good, atmosphere was nice, but the food just wasn't that great. Soggy tempura, stale dessert, under seasoned fish...I'm not a huge complainer, I'll give places the benefit of the doubt and maybe we just hit it on an off night, but it was pretty bad

      2. We were there for the first time early this summer. After reading so many positive things about it over the years, I guess my expectations were too high because I found the food to be o.k., but nothing special. Service was reasonably competent, and I thought the country-style decor was pleasing. It was a fairly slow early Sunday evening, we sat in the back room, and it was rather quiet, which was fine by me because I prefer not to be assaulted by hideous noise levels. However, since food is always #1 for me, Red Cat is not a place I'll be rushing back to.

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          Bullet dodged...this was a soon to be visited establishment.

        2. I completely with the original poster. The meal we had there was almost entirely forgettable. There was nothing bad about it, but nothing particularly good or noteworthy. I found the decor to be so bland as to be nearly invisible. It reminds me of a mid-level chain hotel.