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Nov 7, 2007 07:33 AM

Best Dessert Pies in Boston?

I just did a search and was surprised I didn't see any posts about who makes the best pies in Boston? With the holidays coming up, I'm curious where the best pies are to be found, both served in restaurants and those you can buy from bakeries. I'm fanatical about good pecan pie because it's a true art to make it 1) not overly runny and 2) not obscenely sweet. I'm also particularly curious about any pies that might particularly special to New England, since I'm new to the area.

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  1. Without a doubt, Petsie Pies, in Somerville on Beacon St. Many hounds here will agree.

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    1. re: Prav

      I second that emotion. Petsi's rocks.

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        When did the Cambridge Putnam Ave. location close? Just tried their number & it's been disconnected - darn! I was going to stop by on the way out today.

      2. Pumpkin and squash pie are two types that are very indigenous to New England.
        There are some local vocational high schools that make wonderful (and cheap!) desserts and pies. One is the Northeast Regional Vocational School in Wakefield, another is located at Somerville High School and another is Lynn Technical High School in Lynn. One needs to call and order ahead. Many teachers order them from the schools.

        1. While not a traditional pie, the ricotta pie from Modern Pastry (N. End and Medford) is one of my favorite foods.

          I have tried to reproduce it at home. The ricotta filling, I suspect is pretty straightforward – good ricotta, egg, sugar. The crust, however, has me baffled. More of a cookie dough than a conventional pie crust, has a lemon flavor, I think.

          Mmmmmmmmm. Any thoughts on how to prepare it appreciated.

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            had very good pecan pie from petsis today but the blueberry was disappointing. however, the apple streusel cake from Clear Flour was grand and my husband would rather have their rustic tarts than almost any pie.

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              The pastry for ricotta pie is called "pasta frolla" - I haven't made it myself, but a search on that phrase should offer some recipes. I agree that it's an important part of the wonder of ricotta pie.

            2. Is there anywhere to get a good sweet potato pie? We just moved up north and I miss it!

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                I've seen sweet potato pies at Whole Foods. Haven't tried them, but their pumpkin pies are good.