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Nov 7, 2007 07:28 AM

Searching for a four star pastrami on rye

Dreaming of the perfect pastrami on rye with mustard,a pickel and slaw on the side, not unlike the sandwich served at the Carnegie,Stage, or the now closed 2nd Ave.Deli in NYC.
Can this be found in or around Philadelphia.

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  1. Fourth St. Deli. on Fourth and Bainbridge.

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    1. re: hungry100

      Many thanks!
      You're right! Was there a year and half ago it it was excellent.Think it had a new owner.Couldn't remember the address.Don't think it gets better than that unless one travels to NYC.

    2. Hershels in the RTM has pastrami carved to order. I've only tried the corned beef, but it looks pretty amazing.

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      1. re: jessicheese

        Hershel's pastrami at the market is indeed very good. The sides are just so-so however.

      2. Rachel's Nosheri at 19th and Sansom. Their sandwiches are large, packed with meat and delicious. They are not the cheapest sandwich, but big enough to share and well worth it either way

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          Murray's in Bala-Cynwyd

          BTW: How come you didn't mention the mecca of NY delis: Katz'??

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            When NY deli (Artie's on B'way in the 80's is MY personal favorite) is the gold standard, I don't think Murray's comes close. They recently closed their West Chester location -- no great loss to the WC dining scene.

        2. Pumpernick's across the street from the Montgomery Mall. Great meats, stuffed high. Housemade pickles.