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Nov 7, 2007 06:37 AM

Thanksgiving drink recipe

We are not teetotalers, but not exactly big drinkers. Hosting Tgiving, I would like to make a pitcher of something festive with cranberry juice, like maybe Cosmopolitans? Cape Codders? We prefer vokda, usually Absolut or Smirnoff. Any suggestions on a recipe that would make about 8 servings? Thanks!

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  1. Festive w/ cranberry juice? How about a poinsettia - half champagne, half cran, with just a splash of Cointreau. Nice and light on the alcohol content, for those who aren't big drinkers, and what could be more festive than champagne?

    1. I make an apple cobbler martini type thing. I made up the recipe so I don’t have any measurements, I go by taste. It is just regular apple cider, vodka, and apple jack shaken in a cocktail shaker. I rim the martini glasses with vanilla sugar from Penzeys and float and thin slice of green apple in it.

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        Hmm..have access to great fresh apple cider from farm market. Wonder what it would taste like if I threw in some cranberry juice as well. Never had apple jack, is there a brand name you would recommend? Here in Ohio, we have state liquor stores, can I buy it there?

        1. re: Diane in Bexley

          Apple Jack is the brand; I think it is just an apple brandy type thing. It is not the terrible bright green apple schnapps stuff. I honestly just pulled it out of the family liquor cabinet; I don’t know how common it is. We're in CT and I would assume it would be in a liquor store.

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            Laird's is the brand name of the applejack. I don't go much for vodka so haven't tried the apple cobbler cocktail. It makes a fine Jack Rose, however, and it's nice in hot spiced cider.

      2. In a Champange flute, pour in a jigger of raspberry liquore, a jigger of cranberry juice & then fill the rest with a good bubbly.

        1. Sorry, forgot to mention we don't care for champagne, gives us a headache. Any other suggestions?

          1. Hi Diane,
            How about some warm apple cider with cinnamon schnapps? Use a cinnamon stick as a swizzzle sticks. We call it an Apple Pie.