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Nov 7, 2007 06:30 AM

Group of friends meeting around Yonge/Finch north to Steeles or south to Lawrence.

Getting together with friends this Friday evening, Looking for a clean cool atmosphere for Beer with Really Good Fish and Chips and Naco's, Wings.

Thanks Hounds,

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  1. "Bistro" on Ave. Rd. (just north of Lawrence) was voted the best Wings in the city, better than Duffs and St. Louis, etc. Small little place, across from the Royal Bank, maybe 3-4 blocks south of KFC on West side.

    1. Moxie’s
      Madison Centre
      4950 Yonge St.
      Tel : 416-226-3217
      Map :

      Moxie's also has privite room available.

      1. safari on avenue road north of lawrence has burgers, pizza etc....after dinner you can go upstairs and play pool.

        1. I second the Bistro on Avenue. Fantastic wings.