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Friendly Farm for Birthday Dinner

CKisMom Nov 7, 2007 06:23 AM

I wanted to get more info about Friendly Farm restaurant in Upperco, Maryland. I was looking for a place to try with my husband and two kids (ages 6 and 2) for my birthday dinner this Sunday and decided on going to Friendly Farm. My husband had already planned to stop in to see my in-laws who live in New Freedom, PA, so this is convenient for us as it is on our way back home (we live in Towson). But, as I have never been here before, I would love some advice on what to order, expect, etc. TIA!

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    chefgf25 RE: CKisMom Nov 7, 2007 09:15 AM

    Prepare to eat...large portions, several sides served family style. My grandparents used to take all of the grandkids up on Sundays we'd stuff ourselves and then get chased by the ducks, geese, etc around the pond. Good for families. I recently trekked up for dinner a few months ago, I was craving the sugar rolls...I was surprised to find that the food was pretty darn good, considering my memories of the place were not of food. However this is not your average dining experience. As long as there is no line, you will walk up to a window and order your entrée. My last trip I ordered the crab cakes, they were huge and all lump. I was tempted to order the fried chicken, that was my usual order from back in the day, the table next to us had order and it looked great…next time. While you are awaiting your entrée you will be served drinks and all of your sides (a ton of sides) eventually even though you are full your entrees will arrive. They do have a website…I’d check it out for hours menu and such. Not really sure if it was the food or nostalgia…but I love the place

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      pigtowner RE: CKisMom Nov 7, 2007 09:27 AM

      I haven't been there since I was a little kid, my grandparents used to take us. But I remember it being sooo fun and loving the biscuits with honey butter. Actually I loved all the food when I was little. Please write a review after you've been - I'd love an updated view!

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        Rolladen RE: CKisMom Nov 7, 2007 10:49 AM

        The web address is www.friendlyfarm.net. That tells you a lot about the place. Some of the meat look a little odd, the steaks, but the food was good and the ride was pleasant. Their pies looked excellant, I was tempted to get one to go.

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          MDicecreamguy RE: CKisMom Nov 7, 2007 12:36 PM

          Your kids will love the ducks ! The crab cakes are excellent.
          UNfortunately I find most of the side dishes mediocre ( but you can have as much as you want!!!) I can't understand why a "farm' would serve canned green beans and the cheapest french fries which have no flavor.

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