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Nov 7, 2007 05:51 AM

Prepared Thanksgiving Dinners in St. Charles

My elderly parents live in St. Charles and will be having Thanksgiving dinner alone this year. All of their kids live out of state now and various circumstances prevent us from traveling this year. I would like to order them a prepared thanksgiving meal that they just have to pick up and reheat. I've checked with The Fresh Market on Randal Rd and the smallest quantity you can order there feeds 6-8 people...way too much food for my parents.

Any suggestions for someplace close to them that might allow orders in smaller portions?

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  1. You might try Honey Baked Ham & Co. at 311 North 2nd (Rte. 31) in St. Charles, they're north of the downtown right by the railroad bridge. 630-377-4330. There is also a Boston Market on Randall in Geneva. Also Oscar Swan Inn, a B&B in Geneva is doing 2 seatings on Thanksgiving day. They have a really homey dining area and a nice setting. 1800 West State (Rte. 38) Geneva 630-232-0173. They are set back on a wooded lot next to Kensington School.

    1. How about making a reservation for your parents at a local restaurant and arrange for your credit card to be billed for the dinner? Since your parents would need to go out to get the food anyway, why not treat them to a nice, freshly-prepared dinner as opposed to one that would be reheated.

      One place I'd suggest is Harvest at the Pheasant Run resort -- there have been a number of positive changes at Pheasant Run in the past year, perhaps none more dramatic than the quality of the food at Harvest. Another place would be Wildwood in Geneva.

      1. Thanks for the restaurant suggestions, however there are health issues that will prevent them from going out to eat.

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          I would try contacting the Senior Citizens Center in St. Charles and they may know of a service that would do that. I've been doing a lot of research with the local senior center where my Mom lives for similar, though ongoing purposes and they have provided me with a wealth of information, including delivered meals 365/days a year!

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            I know both Dominick's and Jewel offer prepared Thanksgiving dinners - you may want to check with them as well. I do not know about quantity limitations.