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Nov 7, 2007 05:28 AM

Vegetarian Entrees in Denver?

Hi all,

A vegetarian friend is going to a conference in Denver. He's been told Denver's the place for beef and nervous about being able to find anything other than salads.

Anyone have recommendations on restaurants that offer vegetarian entrees? They don't have to be vegetarian restaurants per se.


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  1. Watercourse is vegetarian and quite good for brunch/lunch; though they serve wine and beer, I'm not sure I'd want to have dinner there as it's got sort of a cheery postmodern cafeteria vibe.
    Rioja has a vegetarian dish comprised of 4 sides from their other entrees, and I order it quite a bit simply b/c I really like it--I'm not a vegetarian myself.

    1. Denver was steakhouse central 15 years ago, but that stereotype really doesn't hold water anymore. Most nice restaurants in town now will have a couple of vegetarian entree options (and most local restaurants have websites with menus, so he can check things out in advance).

      1. The idea that Denver is an all-beef town went the way of the cowboy. The best vegetarian entree in the city is at Rioja. 4 small plates comprised of many of the different things on the menu from gnocchi to vegies.

        1. After a trip to Denver last week, I'll be the third to rave about Rioja. Panzano downtown was also very good and had a couple no-meat pasta dishes. I'll also second Megiac's thought that pretty much everywhere we went seemed to have pretty diverse menus, so your friend shouldn't have much of a problem.

          1. Many thanks for the replies! My friend was told that Denver was a big beef town, so was concerned that he wouldn't be able to find anything to eat. I said, "Hello, Denver's hardly Nowheresville, USA!" But I appreciate your assurances and forwarded them to him.

            Thanks so much!

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              For lunch or early supper, many vegetarian options and excellent light fare at Cook's Fresh Market, a block from the Convention Center.