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Nov 7, 2007 05:28 AM

Burton's on Boylston

Stopped by Burton’s on Boylston last Friday a little before 4PM for bites at the bar. DC, a scotch drinker, had scoped the place out a week before & spoken with the young bartender about the availability of J&B scotch. DC commented on this again & was ordered a J&B, Dewar’s for me. DC’s first sip proved to be Jim Beam! After being assured they had J&B, was approached by the F&B person saying they didn’t have it. It was not busy, but refills were slow. We ordered sesame-crusted tuna rare w/spicy cucumber, wasabi & pickled ginger. This was a generous, domino-plated app that could have been a light meal in itself. Tuna was fresh & luscious w/a nice kick. Also ordered the shrimp sautéed in butter, garlic, white wine & then blended w/feta, fresh tomatoes & spinach w/grilled ciabatta triangles. This was a large warm & scrumptious bowl of just-cooked shrimp full of garlicky, cheesy flavors – a perfect comfort dish on a cold night. We then decided we had to try the calamari fried in buttermilk batter. We waited for refills, we waited & waited for calamari. The bartender realized we were not happy after a half hour. A manager came by saying their computers had gone down for 1.5 minutes, when we’d originally ordered, ??our order had been lost, but would be here soon. He had a gratis steaming plate of 4 golf ball sized panko-crusted risotto fritters w/mild Italian sausage, provolone & romano and a bed of chunky tomatoes to tide us over. They were light & satisfying. Our calamari finally arrived – a big crisp mound of chewy goodness. An older & more experienced bartender also arrived. We were very satisfied with the food, but not the service. I think if we’d arrived an hour later around 5pm with the more senior bartender, service would not have been a problem. Bill came to $77 w/t&t for 3 apps & 3 drinks each, which we thought was a bargain. We’ll be back, but after 5.

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  1. I've had the same sort of experience there. The food is definatly good and priced well, but the service is subpar. The servers don't seem to be right for the type of restaurant it is, or trying to be.

    1. Have gone to Burton's on Boylston a couple of times now in the past two months and have been hugely impressed with both the food quality and the waitstaff. The eggs benedict on their brunch menu was simply divine with a nice, unexpected citrusy burst on the hollandaise sauce. For dinner, we've had the a superb seared scallop appetizer - I would highly recommend it. The scallops were cooked perfectly medium rare and are served on top of a delicious corn concoction. For the most part, the steaks we've had there are done well - tender, perfectly cooked with good flavor, though this last time the "medium rare" was distinctly rare in the very center of the filet. Have also tried the Chilean sea bass on the menu which was nice and light, though the corn risotto was a bit odd. The wait staff on all three occasions were attentive without obnoxious, pleasant, professional and a courteous. The prices are significantly lower than comparable food at other Boston restaurants. While not a top-tier restaurant, over all, we've found this to be great value for the money and a great place to go for a nice non-special-occasion meal out.