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Nov 7, 2007 05:26 AM

Dogma in Fort Lauderdale

I've recently heard that Dogma in Miami opened up in Fort Lauderdale. Is it worth a family trip from Boca?

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  1. Hardly! There are better dog houses in Broward. There's one on Sunrise and another on Commercial, and then there's Diggity Dogs on Griffin. I am not sure how late any of them stay open though. Maybe some Broward folks can shed some light here?

    Jack's Old Fashion Hamburgers are worth a family trip to Broward and they have great meatsuace for their meager dogs. Their blow-your-mind Burgers are well worth a trip from anywhere in SOFLA.

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      I'm not so sure if there's any hot dog place that's worth traveling to anywhere... maybe the creative type of hot dogs would be worth it since it's an unique experience. But most hot dog places serve standard dogs you can find at a street corner or something even worse. So if it's just a normal plain hot dog, don't bother driving across the county lines.

      And if it's for Hot Dog Heaven... do NOT cross the county line for that! I went twice and it was severely disappointing. The hot dogs tasted like any other hot dogs. If you like steamed dogs, I think this place steam them - and I for one am not a fan of steamed dogs unfortunately. The buns are not as "gourmet" (aka buns with black spots lol) as Dogma's. The meat didn't seem to have as much of a flavor. If I had to eat hot dogs, I would still prefer to eat the ones at Dogma Grill in Miami.

      I probably would also like Costco's hot dogs better as well, especially after considering the price at Hot Dog Heaven. A lot of people in Broward seem to like this place, and I can't for the life of me fathom why, but I'm hoping it is because they don't have other choices of hot dogs to choose from. Hopefully Dogma will fix that although I don't think it is enough to be a solution.

    2. I don't think it worth a trip down to Ft. Laud. I think their dog is just OK. I'm still searching for a good dog joint like Katz Deli in NYC.

      Two words: Natural Casing.