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Nov 7, 2007 05:23 AM

Boston Hounds seek London dining recs

My husband, college-age daughter, and I will be in London Nov.14-17. Our hotel is in the Paddington area but we are willing to travel for good chow. We are very adventurous eaters and would welcome any suggestions for moderately priced restaurants in London for lunch and dinner. We will not have a car, so would prefer places close to public transportation.

Thanks in advance! We're very excited about this trip.

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    1. Not about food, but be grateful to be absent a car while in London. The Tube (subway) system is wonderful and will bring you close to almost any restaurant chosen without a lot of walking involved. If you plan ahead just a bit, Google maps will reveal everything, including the nearest stops - or just have a good map along for the trip. Is there any special sort of food you'd like to try?

      1. Whenever I go to London, I always have one dinner at the Ivy. The ambience and service are what really make it. The food is modern in style, not cutting-edge but always tasty. It is in the theater district and attracts a stylish clientele.

        1. If you are adventurous, you should head to St. John. Close to St. Paul's. St. Paul or Farringdon or Barbican tube. Nose-to-tail eating. Pigs' ears for lunch. Or bone marrow. A fantastic rarebit on toast. You can get away with the bar menu for cheap. They also have a small bakery on site so you can pick up snacks for later.

          Tayyabs in Whitechapel for great Pakistani food. See numerous posts about Tayyabs. Not the most atmospheric part of town, but you could do the Geffrye museum and then take a bus down to Whitechapel High Street and then another bus east on WHS. Off-the-beaten-path.

          Dragon's Castle in Elephant & Castle for dim sum. Good option if you're over by London Bridge at any point. Can hop on the tube and be there in no time. Off-the-beaten-path.

          Moderately priced is going to be tough given that the USD is the toilet. If you have Internet access during your stay, check for deals.