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Nov 7, 2007 05:22 AM

Any Cranston Recs?

I have a couple of fave's in Cranston, but it's a big city & I'm wondering if there are any I don't know about.....We're going out to dinner next week with friends and would love something new for all 4 of us. Does anyone have anything they really really love in Cranston? (And yes, it has to be in Cranston) Thanks!

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  1. I haven't been in about 2 yrs now (not sure why really) but I really liked Efendi's near Garden city. Nice atmosphere, never a wait, interesting food, cordial service, good prices.

    Not a "night out" place but Bilkens has REALLY tasty food.

    I've only ever had lunch, but Cafe Luna in Garden City nevers disappoints. It's counter service during the day but table service for dinner.

    How about Cafe Ittri? It's on my "to try" list but I haven't yet made it.

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      A disclaimer---the Cafe Luna folks are longtime friends of our family---but that's where I'd go in Cranston, every time. Great, unassuming food, all the time. Friendly, neighborhoody admosphere, even in the middle of Garden City.

      1. re: Moonpie1

        Tell them thanks for me that their outdoor furniture stays outside all year. Just last week we had a warm day and I met my friend and her little girl for lunch. What a treat, at this time of year.

        I wanted one last night to sit outside at the bar at Al Forno, but they had packed it in around Labor Day - it was warm enough for all of October! What a disappointment.

      2. re: JaneRI

        Bilkens does have really tasty food! I went there last Saturday evening for dinner. Started with a special app. of a stuffed artichoke- stuffed with sausage, panko bread crumbs, garlic and herbs.(awesome!) For dinner I had another special- seared scallops with citrus cream that surrounded a bed of wild rice with walnuts, golden raisins, and cranberries, with sauteed baby spinach on top. My companion had the pub filet (also a special) with a horseradish sauce and a side of butternut squash and apples. Everything was absolutely delcious and well prepared. The owner, who was also our waiter, was very attentive- even remembering what we had to drink from the last time we had dinner there several weeks ago. Highly recommended.

        1. re: pork_chop

          Yes, the owner is VERY attentive. Sounds like he really kicks it up a notch for dinner. Lunch is more "plain" but the things I've had were exceptional - meatloaf & cheese sandwich, grilled - oh my.

        2. re: JaneRI

          Thanks for the rec for Bilkens! We went a few weeks back and it was just outstanding. Unfortunately they're closed for dinner until Spring, but the owner (who was so attentive) said they do lunch and brunch throughout the year. We're definitely heading back to try it. Also, next summer we'll be back for dinner...they have a patio w/ outdoor seating and a chimenea. Very nice!

          1. re: dagwood

            I had breakfast there for the first time this wkend - that was also excellent.

        3. I know that it's dorky, but I'm a fan of Galaxy, the pan-asian place. The service may be spotty, but the manager is very nice, it's cheap, and the nim-chow sauce is addictive. I take an extra pint home every time I eat there.

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              1. I always have a good time at Twin Oaks.

                Also, my coworkers rave about a Thai place in Edgewood, but I've never been there and don't know the name (I can ask). Maybe someone else has?

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                  I'm not sure if it's what your coworkers are raving about, as I wouldn't say it's in Edgewood, but Thai Orchid on Park Ave. near Rolfe Square is really good. I've never had anything bad there, though I must admit I haven't explored their entire menu--I can't stop myself from rotating through my favorites. The Thai noodle soup is excellent, wish I had some now. The 2002 ProJo review, for what it's worth, can be seen here:


                  I think, but I'm not 100% sure, that the menu linked to at the review is out of date--my recollection is that they expanded it a bit a couple of years back. Just a tiny little place, three or four tables, but very good.

                  Thai Orchid
                  800 Park Ave, Cranston, RI 02910

                  1. re: jgl

                    i ate here on saturday afternoon, it was quite good. had a really tasty noodle dish and a great fried tofu appetizer. nice family run place, i'd sure go back.

                    there's other good stuff right in that neighborhood as well. i got pita bread + lamejun at the near eastern market nearby (sonia's?), some candy flavorings at the little cake/candy supply on park and all sorts of stuff at the really nice chinese/filipino market also on park. the latter was really pretty impressive, they have a whole range of asian groceries and produce--it's better than the asian market that i went to previously on broad st in providence.