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Nov 7, 2007 05:16 AM

Large group in Vancouver

I am planning well in advance. I will be in Vancouver at the end of March for a conference. I have never been there and have heard wonderful things. The conference will be at the Westin Bayshore. I am looking for a restaurant near there, that could accommodate a group large group of about 20-30 people.

If anyone has suggestions, that would be very helpful.


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  1. What kind of price point are you looking at?

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    1. re: Cancuk

      Sorry I am responding a month later! In terms of price, not too expensive. Something nice but affordable for graduate students. I would like a place where it's casual but not too loud so that people can talk.

      Any ideas?

      1. re: dsiegel

        I think Cardero's can do group functions and it's right at the inner harbour. I'm not a huge fan, personally, but that's just me --- the seafood is decent though. This place may be your best bet for location and menu (westcoast/asian/burgers/pasta).

        I recall the Westin having a decent brunch buffet on weekends. I hear they raised their prices so it's no longer the deal it used to be.

        For large-ish groups Yaletown Brew Pub, Hamilton Street Grill, and Milestones come to mind. The food is "OK" -- of that modern roadhouse variety (ie, burgers, pastas, asian-hybrid pizza's - that sort of thing. I wouldn't normally recommend it to a foodie). They are in Yaletown - a short cab ride away.

        For a "Vancouver" experience - Sun Sui Wah has private rooms. It's uptown on Main Street though....about 15-20 mins by cab.