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Nov 7, 2007 04:44 AM

Best mexican/margritas in Bmore

Looking for some great suggestions for mexican and margritas for a upcoming bday party. Suggestions welcome!

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  1. Perhaps if you describe to everyone what kind of food you think "Mexican" is and your expectations, we can make more appropriate suggestions for your party. Especially since "Mexican" runs the gamut from Taco Bell to Los Arcos.

    1. I am looking for a nice atmosphere (casual) where they have great food and margritas. Something a bit more upscale than taco bell......if possible.

      1. Blue Agave in Fed Hill might fit the bill, you can check them out:

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          2nd Blue Agave - they have great margaritas, lots of flavors. I usually find I like the appetizers better than entrees there, so I order a few apps for a meal.

          The people who originally ran Blue Agave now own a different place in Fed Hill called Rub, which is a Texas BBQ place - also has good margaritas (only original flavor) and good food.

          Both places would be fun for a birthday party.

          1843 Light St, Baltimore, MD

          1. re: pigtowner

            Los Portales down by BWI Airport on Aviation drive. Good food, atmosphere and drinks.

        2. I enjoy Holy Frijoles! 908 W 36th St. Baltimore, MD 21211Tel: 410-235-2326 in Hampden. Fun atmosphere, but can get crowded with hipsters on some nights. I prob wouldnt say they are the best, but good drinks/ food and atmoistphere always make for a good time. They also have 1/2 price Margaritas on Mondays ( I think its Mondays?).

          Or there is Nacho Mamas in Canton Square. Again, not the best Mexican in town, but a fun way to get started.

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            I like Holy Frijoles!, too. cheap and the veggie taco salad is HUGE and super tasty. Not authentic Mexican, but awesome

          2. I would suggest Arcos on Broadway, near Fells Point. It's very cute, not a chain, and great for parties. Plus the food is waaay better than Holy Frijoles and Nacho Mamas, IMHO, and it has interesting options beyond tacos and burritos. Great mole and roast pork, especially if you're there on a weekend.