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Nov 7, 2007 04:29 AM

Thanksgiving in the New Haven area

After preparing Thanksgiving dinner at our home for several years, we have decided to give someone else (i.e. a restaurant's chef!) the task this year. I have been looking for info in the newspaper and haven't really seen any advertisements as of now.
Does anyone have any suggestions based on prior experiences? We are definitely "foodies" and don't want to go to a mass buffet, but at the same time, we are not looking to be ripped off for an overpriced Thanksgiving soire!

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  1. Pacifico has done Thanksgiving in the past.

    1. There is an article in todays Hartford Courant about this..not a restaurant meal..but Thanksgiving meals prepared by a chef to enjoy at home...with options around the state..

      1. also-- Tre Scalini is having a T-giving dinner

        1. We go out every year. Recent successful T-day meals were had at Carmen Anthony's Steakhouse (new haven), Jeffery's in Milford, and Colonial Tymes years ago. I also heard the Beach Haven in Milford is having a thanksgiving menu. All hotels, including OMNI and New Haven Hotel should also be open. If you are ok with casinos, there are always several restaurants open there too.