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Nov 7, 2007 03:39 AM

Craving Korean

I've got a craving for Korean, little K town in the city or the larger one in Queens, with a menu that can astonish both vegans (not just vegetarians) and canivores alike.

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  1. I really like Gahm Mi Oak Restaurant for their Su long tung which is their beef soup but for vegans/vegetarians I would suggest a Bi Bim Bap, just ask for no meat with kimchi and their veggie side dishes would fill anyone up especially if you're into spicy food. I personally love their radish kimchi and I've also had their pancake which was made with I believe soy meal and it was delicious. As for something like a meat dish, any place that can serve a good Bul Go Gi or Gal Bi, like Shilla. If you're in the mood for good Chap Jae (clear noodle dish with egg and mushrooms) I'd recommend any Hah Au Reum and you can get a home made pack for about $4. I honestly haven't frequent the Queens Korean restaurants except for the Korean supermarkets. Hope this helps.

    1. As a korean myself :) i like Kun Jip and Gang Suh. Those are, in my personal opinion, the best of k town NYC.

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        I haven't tried those two places. Do you recommend anything to eat there?

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          Do you eat meat? Both places serve better kalbi than the other places on 32nd street. The stews at both are excellent -- I tend to gravitate to the spicier ones. Also the banchan they serve are better than the other places as well.

          Kun jip caters to a younger crowd. Gang suh is where i go when my parents come to town.

          Not sure i answered your question....but these two places serve a wider variety of korean than the places you mentioned: one that only serves sul long tang; a grocery store...etc.

          Although trust me, gam mee oak is awesome! Been there many a time after a night out drinking! :)

      2. kum gang san for sure. and for takeout - woorijip in ktown has big packs and is cheap!