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Nov 7, 2007 03:37 AM

difference between serrano and proscuitto de parma curing

what is the difference between the curing methods of serrano ham and proscuitto de parma?Are they both cured in the same method and is it just the difference in pigs and what they eat that causes the difference in taste?If you had your choice to purchase and eat,which would my fellow chowhounds prefer and why?

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  1. This article explains the difference in the cures. Can't compare...I've never had Serrano.

    1. I'm partial to Jamon de Serrano. I was fortunate to receive one as a gift a few months ago (insert another plug for the Food Saver here). Proscuitto is covered with lard before being cured. Jamon isn't, just salted.

      The main differences come from:
      1) the type of pigs
      2) the diet of the pigs &
      3) the geography of the curing.

      All three combine to make a similar but different product.

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        They process is very similar, both are dry-cured which is the real reason for their tastes. I love both, I find Serrano to be a little drier and less
        "porky" (techincal term) in flavor,
        and Proscuitto to be a little softer with slightly more flavor.

        This obviously depends on the quality of the meats you are buying

        I was lucky to try Iberiaco recently, we have a gourmet shop here that isnt above sneaking in some things that they maybe shouldnt and they brought in some Iberico (spelling?) from Spain (they had it for a verrry short time like 6 days and it was gone) the real stuff the $100 a lb stuff...we tried 6 was fabulous, although Im not so sure it was $100 a lb fabulous.