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Nov 7, 2007 03:10 AM

Looking for a place in Marylebone

I was on Marylebone High Street one night a few weeks ago. My husband and I were looking for a place to eat, and were walking from Marleybone toward Oxford. We turned left off the High Street into a smaller street where there was a restaurant on the left that smelled so good, and had a crowd outside waiting to eat. Since it was so busy and we were starving, we ended up very close by at Zoom. I now know that Zoom is located on Blandford Street, but I can't find the name of that other restaurant or the name of the street. I think it was Italian.

Can anyone help?


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  1. This might be it, in Marylebone Lane.

    How did you find Zoom? Good but expensive?


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      Thanks. That might be it.

      Zoom was good. I mean, I remember thinking it was good. However, I don't remember what I had so maybe that says something too. We didn't think it was more expensive than anything else, actually. The owner/hostess was a little strange. We didn't have a reservation but she had a table for 3. So she let us have that but told us that we would have to move to a table for 2 once one opened up because she was expecting a party of 3. All with lots of movement and hand-motions and gesturing to the waitresses and an accent that left us a little unsure as to what was exactly happening. We clarified that we could order at the temporary table, so that was fine. The hostess sort of hovered around the parties of 2 that were finishing up. Once one left, she moved us and all our things. That party of 3 never showed up, but the table for 2 was better located (and didn't wobble) so it worked out best for us.

    2. Indeed, from your description it has to be Caffe Caldesi. BB