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Nov 7, 2007 12:43 AM

Scotch at Bars

Does anyone happen to know of any bars/pubs/whatnot in or near Boston with a decent single malt selection (ie not just Glenlivet) and that doesn't charge prices that will force me to re mortgage my house?


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  1. Turner Fisheries used to boast 75 or so. Doyle's has a good selection and is likely less$$.The food however....

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    1. re: trufflehound

      Yeah, I think Doyle's would be a good place to go for that. As trufflehound says, don't expect outstanding food, but the great old bar in the main room is definitely a terrific place to kick back with a scotch or five.

    2. Have you checked the Oak Bar at the Fairmont?

      1. Boston drink prices are just high in general. If you ask for a "call" drink, they get even higher. I know the Rowes Wharf Bar has a great selection of single malts but they will run you about $11-$12 a glass. A buck or two cheaper than Turners, but not much!

        Went to the 2007 Scotch Tour on Monday night at the Radisson hotel. Great time. Learned that peaty scotches are produced on the West Coast where there is little sunshine. I don't like peaty, so now I know to stay with East Coast providers. We'll be back for the 2008 Scotch Tour!

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        1. re: kate used to be 50

          O'Sullivan's in Somerville charges only $5.95 for a shot of Glenlivet. Not sure what year it is, but it tastes pretty good to me!

          I know the OP wanted options in addition to Glenlivet, but at I figured I'd throw this out there anyways.

          O'Sully's also has rail scotch that's really cheap, but I won't touch that stuff (usually).

          1. re: hiddenboston

            A lot of the better Steak Houses have good Scotch selections..Oak Room, Grill 23, Abe and Louies. I have yet to find one that matches the six page Scotch menu that they have at Keens in NY. The most impressive Scotch selection I've seen anywhere

            1. re: jvish

              What about that gigantic bar at the Stockyard?

              1. re: jvish

                None of those "better" steakhouse places qualify on the "won't force me to mortgage the house" front, though.

          2. No real Scotch fiend would consider the selection "decent," but the rather divey TC's by Berklee has much fancier liquor on hand than I would've expected.

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            1. re: djd

              Have had more than a few lost nights at TC's a dive thats a cut above, and yeah they do have a good selection of all types of booze.

              Youre not going to get "good" scotch on a budget though, thats the thing, You can find some decent bottles but if you are looking for mid-range to good stuff you're looking at usually $15 dollars (minimum) and up a glass

              1. re: jvish

                I'd have to agree with the sentiment that life is "too short for cheap scotch". Buy a bottle of Lagavulin and sit at home in front of the fire place with a good cigar, a fire and a few friends. That is a very good saturday at my house.