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Nov 6, 2007 09:12 PM

Nice midtown Lunch with Mom

Hi Chowhounders.

My friend and I are taking our moms out for a nice lunch spot (anywhere from Weho-Los Feliz ) this Saturday. The mothers are 50 something, hip yet refined, & enjoy quality restaurants that consistently deliver...I'm burned out of ideas. We've gone to Campanile & The Farm in the past. Mozza would be great but seems impossible for this Sat. I haven't actually been but was considering Jar, Joans, BLD...Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. im actually thinking about Lucques for lunch now...any thoughts???

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    1. re: flavasista

      I really like Lucques for lunch. Very nice steak frites.

    2. I'd second Lucques for lunch, and I would also suggest Little Next Door.

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        Little Next Door is a great lunch/brunch spot! I was just there and had a very good quiche and the peach gazpacho soup. They also have infused champagne drinks, made with your choice of herbs like lavender or fruit, like a version of a mimosa. It can be a little pricey, but probably is within the frame of Campanile if you've been there before.

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          I third that. It's a nice place to lunch, and you can choose form the menu and look in the case. Good coffee and baked goods, too. especially the Tarte Tatin. My Husband likes the financiers.

          1. Leaning towards the "hip" and fun --I've eaten at The Village Idiot" on Melrose a couple of times (one time on Saturday for lunch --and didn't have a problem getting a seat) --and what I've tried (sweet corn soup w/rock shrimp; fish and chips; butter lettuce salad w/walnuts, blue cheese, apples w/a champagne dressing; shrimp fritters) has been excellent. Not your typical "pub" cuisine. The service is great. To view a picture of the inside of the place, go to: