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Nov 6, 2007 08:27 PM

ISO Good Hawaiian Food

Anyone know of somewhere in the Ventura County / San Fernando Valley area to get really good Hawaiian food? I'd really love somewhere that actually has poi...

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  1. I don't know of any places that serve poi. That may be because too few people order it or because I have just never noticed it on the menu. If you are looking for Hawaiian style "plate lunch" food you might give Mai's in Ventura a try. It's a combined Vietnamese and Hawaiian food place, but it is not bad.

    Mai's Cafe & Da Aloha Lounge
    2815 E. Main St, Ventura
    Phone: 805-652-2061

      1. This is a good web resource:

        My personal favorite is "The Loft" in the South Bay. I usually judge the place based on the mac salad. If the mac salad is good, chances are everything else on the menu will be good too.

        The Loft - South Bay
        23305 Hawthorne Blvd., Torrance, CA 90505 (corner of Hawthorne & Lomita
        )Phone: (310) 375-4051

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          fill up your tank and drive down to gardena for a trip to bruddah's

        2. Ventura is about 50 miles north of the South Bay area where most Hawaii-type restaurants are found. Bruddah's to me is probably the closest thing you'd find as true Hawaiian food. The Loft and King's Hawaiian are pseudo-Hawaii cuisine if you like that type. More show and less content in my opinion. Two other places come to mind is TNT and Gardena Bowl Coffee Shop would be my recommendations if you come to visit us down south.

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            Thank you for the suggestions. I am certainly into the more authentic type of Hawaiian food. Guess I'll have to drive down south!

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              Pickens1414, the places mention are basically contemporary Hawaii-type dishes but in most cases, not to be true authentic Hawaiian. Unless we're talking about typical entrees like poi (mashed taro root), poke (raw fish with seaweed), kulolo (sweet coconut taro pudding), haupia (coconut pudding), pipikaula (dried beef jerky), kalua pig (imu cooked pig), etc., then you're not talking traditional Hawaiian food. Very few places here on the mainland provide these types of dishes because they may be foreign to the non-locals. There are places that may serve oven baked kalua pork or even steamed lau lau (Hawaiian tamale), but the process and ingredients making them may be different than what you would find in Hawaii. It's a matter of adapting to the situation and locale. Bruddah's is probably the nearest you'll come to finding most of these items as well as Bob's Okazuya on Vermont Avenue. I believe Cherrystone down the street has poke and kalua pork and also, Happa's in the Gardena Hotel on Redondo Beach Blvd. may have it. Good luck.

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                *sigh* I sure am tired of all of these so called "Hawaiian" BBQ places which might have an okay plate lunch, but not true Hawaiian kau kau (food)... Guess I really have to make another trip home to get the good stuff. Until then, I will try out Bruddah's as soon as I can!