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Nov 6, 2007 07:48 PM

Sirloin On The First Cold Day Of Fall...

It's important to have rituals in your life.On the first cold day of Fall I enjoy bundling up and motoring my way to Sugars' to avail myself of a nice Businessman's Lunch Special whilst being surrounded by dancing naked ladies.

Sugars' is an underrated steakhouse.The meats are of good quality and properly cooked.The performers are well nourished and quite accomodating.This is a formula for success.

There have been some renovations at Sugars' lately.The doorway has shifted a good 20 feet to the left and the old Black and White Sanyo teevees have been replaced by modern color versions.A group of businessmen and a few women are scattered about the room enjoying the good food and camaraderie that've made this cabaret famous.

Upon entering I always ask myself "what would Tommy Lee do?".I'm seated and promptly approached by a comely,young waitress ready to take my drink order.It's Tuesday so that means 2$ draught beer and Well drinks.It's chilly outside so that means it's Bourbon drinking time.I order Wild Turkey and the young lady informs me that Jack Daniels is only two dollars.Jack Daniels being neither Bourbon nor drinkable I stick with my original option.The drink arrives properly mixed and I place my food order.

Ten bucks will get you a 1LB Black Angus Sirloin with two side items.I opt for a salad with Bleu Cheese and French Fries.The salad comes first and it is fine.Torn iceberg with Radishes,Carrots Tomatoes and a decent dressing.After 15 or so minutes my steak arrives.The Sirloin is perfectly cooked and heavily crusted with good salt and Cracked Black Pepper.The fries are medium thick cut ,warm and served with a souffle cup of ketchup.My tastebuds are still perfectly functional so I enquire as to whether the red colored corn syrup could be replaced with Ranch for dipping.It arrives and is homemade and good.

R.Kelly's Double Up,Snoop Dogg and Type O Negative are typically part of the soundtrack of the club.The clientele is a mix of business types,work boot clad nail pounders and the occasional secretary type.The room is dark,loud and cozy...the smell of sizzling meat and decent perfume abounds.

Service is prompt and efficient.My waitress checks on me frequently and is generally concerned with my weal.Non-cabaret eating establishments could take note of this and do quite well to emulate this service model.

Sugars' is old-school.It's been there forever and seen alot of would be competitors come and go during its' tenure.Its' formula is simple and effective;Good food,strong cocktails and a clean and welcoming environment in which to enjoy your repast.When I'm in the mood for a good steak and don't have the time to run out Little Thailand it's one of my favorite options.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. On the strip club note, "Austin Grand Prize" salsa that is found in every HEB in Austin was created in the Yellow Rose strip club. They won the Austin Hot Sauce Festival grand prize years back with their house salsa and decided to bottle it.

      1. Yes I tried out Sugars' today and was impressed. They had a prime rib special that hit the spot. Thanks Scrumptiouschef.

        1. I can't vouch for this myself, but I have heard more than one person say the best steaks in Austin for the best prices are at Sugar's.

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            I used to work at a construction co. right next door to Sugars (five years ago, so I don't know if the same chef is there now) but I have to admit they had some of the best food at the greatest prices around. They even let me do takeout (which was very nice of them, considering I'm a gal).

          2. The weather up here in Boston reminded me of this one, which I felt ought to be bumped.

            Let me know where y'all are gonna be grubbing on your first fall day.