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Nov 6, 2007 07:35 PM

Help! How do I cook this cut of beef?

I bought 3 1/2 pounds of "beef eye round roast" at Costco today because it looked good. It is 2 pieces.
I have no idea what to do with it. Does anyone have a great suggestion or recipe they can share?

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  1. Eye round comes from the rear of the animal. It has good beefy flavour but is almost completely devoid of fat and is very tough. You'd do well to braise it for a long time in wine and root veggies though I have heard it makes a good roast beef for sandwiches as well... I've never tried that because I don't own a slicer.

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      my favorite way to cook a roast like this is in the crockpot,take your roast and place
      it in your crockpot, with a envelope of lipton dried onion soup mix, and a glass of water.
      turn your crockpot on high for 2 hrs, then on low for 3 hrs. and your roast will be ready to serve. i take the juice of the onion soup and water and make a gravy, with mashed
      potatoes, some kind of vegetable, a dessert, and something to drink.

    2. My wife's mother would make this all the time. It does have good flavor but is one dry cut of meat. My MIL would cook it and take it to the grocery store to have them slice it thin. This is how she served it. I know tough fatty cuts of meat do well with low and slow since you get a lot of good soft texture from the collagen break down in the meat. This roast does not have any fat to speak of and I don't know how it would do with a low and slow preparation. My initial thought would be to roast and serve med/rare so at least there was some juice left in the meat. Let us know how it came out.

      1. Take one piece and freeze it for later. Take the other and put it in a crock pot with a can of Rotel. Let it go while you're at work and when you get home shred the meat and use it for beef wraps or sandwiches.


        1. Eye of round was my choice for a "fancy" company meal back in the old married-to-a-graduate-student days. I have an idea that beef that is lean now, was not as lean then, so that may be a consideration. I made little slits in various places and inserted slivers of garlic, rubbed it well with salt and pepper and roasted, like any beef roast. Fortunately, we liked our meat quite rare. Let rest, and slice thinly on the bias. I had an electric knife that worked well for this. It really is a flavorful cut.

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            I agree with you Pat. I have found that if I marinade this cut, and then do the garlic slivers and seasoning, and roasting, it comes out very well. Like you we like our meat on the rare side. I serve it like a french dip, without the bread, with a good au jus on the side. I have braised this cut but it doesn't come out as flavorful as a chuck roast. There just isn't enough fat in it. I think the only way you are going to get it fork tender by braising, or in a crock pot, would be to cut it up in smaller pieces, but I could be wrong.

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              Thanks! I think I'll try one again! I forgot to mention the au jus. I loved that too.

          2. This cut is ideal for "lazy man's roast". Season the roast well with salt, pepper and ideally other goodies like garlic powder, lemon pepper, etc. The lean-ness of the meat needs flavor-help. Crank your oven as high as it will go and preheat it. Cook roast for 4 minutes per pound then turn off the oven. Do not open the door for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. It should be pink and juicy on the inside and will produce a little au jus.