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Nov 6, 2007 07:17 PM

Drinks near Walt Disney Concert Hall

Anyone know any great places to grab a few drinks before a show at the concert hall. Is there anywhere like the Penthouse at the Huntley in that area. Perhaps a Sake mixologist master or some unique underground cave type bar?

Mostly joking on the cave bar part.........


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  1. Well, Little Tokyo is not far away, as is the Royale in the MacArthur Park area, yet in either case you need to drive to Disney Hall thereafter.
    Ciudad at 5th & Figueroa can be fun in a very NON cave type bar environment!!!
    Likewise Blue Velvet, the Edison, etc. downtown, yet are you trying to eat also, wanting to do this without driving, etc.
    Patina and Noe in the Omni are two in the immediate area, meaning walking distance, yet tres expensive and rather chic-chic!

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    1. re: carter

      Well i'd rather not drive. Always better not to have a drink before driving. But we could always leave one car there and one at the concert hall so a few minute drive is OK i guess. I was searching the posts I thought library bar looked OK. Not up to the standards of the Penthouse. I 've been meaning to go to the edison for some time don't you have to reserve a room there though ahead of time?

      I think we would both like to grab a small bite at the bar as well.

      Patina and Noe look a little too stuffy for me since I don't know this girl i'm dating that good yet.

      I've been to Cuidad a bit too low key. I'm looking for something inbetween I guess. The most comparable thing i can think of is something between Pravda in NYC or the Penthouse here.

      Blue velvet looks interesting, any other opinions ? on these or others?

      1. re: Ben7643

        If you are walking, the Library Bar is a good hike, and includes a steep incline on the way back to the Concert Hall.

        1. re: Ben7643

          kendall's at the la music center has nice bar
          mccomick down the street has nice bar
          tessoro trattoria down the street has bar i think

          1. re: Ben7643

            blue velvet is cool but a drive from the music hall. library bar is one of my favorites but also intimate and low key; if ciudad is too low key you should look elsewhere. to me the edison fits the bill perfectly (though i can't vouch for the food) -- lively bar scene, great atmosphere, close to the music hall. you definitely don't need to reserve a table to grab a drink -- if you want to eat you should probably call them to verify since i've never eaten there or seen anyone do it. but it is a pretty huge place and more bar than restaurant in terms of setup so reserving a table isn't necessary to get in unless you want to make absolutely sure you will have one. (whenever i've been there, again except late on peak nights, there have been plenty of free tables in the various rooms off the main bar.)

            1. re: jbeecher

              Library bar is looking like the place of choice. Although i'd like to try the edison I want to grab a small bite and that doesn't sound like the place for that.


              1. re: Ben7643

                oops, as far as i know library bar serves no food though you can order in from the wolfgang puck cafe nextdoor. given that nick & stef's bar sounds like the ticket. (i'm judging by other comments as i haven't been.)
                i disagree, however, with posts calling library bar-disney hall unwalkable -- it's about 5 blocks door-to-door (6th/hope to 2nd/grand) and tops out at a pleasant ten minutes. perhaps a long walk by westside standards but then getting out and walking a little a la manhattan is part of downtown's appeal.

        2. I've always liked the bar at Nick & Stef's in the Wells Fargo Center on Hope Street.

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          1. re: omakase

            Yes, given the circumstances, the bar at Nick & Stef's is probably your best choice. Good available, fun yet comfortable setting, but the outdoor patio can get quite noisy at happy hour. Then grab a table, have appetizers, and go to the concert 2-3 blocks away, and they will provide a shuttle for you whereby you leave your car at WFCtr and either walk or get the shuttle after the concert to retrieve your car.

          2. The redcat lounge, in the same building as the concert hall is a pleasant place to drink. Gets a little crowded before a redact show.

            1. Standard Rooftop and then get in a taxi?
              The patio at Nick and Stefs and walk two blocks north?

              1. Amusing how people always respond to this type of post by suggesting places that are not within walking distance of the destination.

                The best place to get a pre-concert drink would be the City Club, which is on the top floor of the Wells Fargo building but you need to be a member.

                The next best bet would be the Redwood Bar on 2nd Street. Pro: cool nautical theme interior. Con: You have to walk up the hill to get to the concert hall.

                The Bonaventure Hotel rooftop bar is about a 10-15 minute walk.

                Otherwise, the close bars are yuppie-type bars like the Omni Hotel and Nick & Stef's and Kendall's