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Nov 6, 2007 07:02 PM

Best Sushi for $75-Food Only, 1 person

I'm interested in going to a Sushi place is manhattan where I can get an excellent meal for about $100-110 total. I'll have a few drinks so I'll probably spend about $75 on the food. I want to eat a pretty big meal so it seems that this precludes Yasuda. I'm looking purely for quality of food here, mostly sushi with maybe 1 or 2 cooked courses, and don't give a damn about scene, decor, even service really, as long as the food gets to me. Any suggestions?

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  1. Ushiwakamaru on Bleeker fits your requirements to a T. Not too much decor, but the fish, the sushi rice and the cooked courses are all phenomenal and a relative bargain. Make a reservation, though. It's gotten crowded as of late.

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      ushi is closed. you can definitely get out of yasuda for under $110 all in and still be quite full.

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        based on what i hear other people saying, it doesn't seem like you can get full on 110 all in on just sushi...or is that just omakase?

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          if you go to the table and pick your own meal, you can totally do yasuda for that price.

          ushi is returning...just not yet.

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            ditto that BIG TIME. I really enjoy the ambiance at Yasuda as well.

      2. You should try Sushi Sen-nin; they have two locations (E. 33 St. between Park and Madison and Third Ave. between E. 80 & 81 St.). Great food -- always fresh fish. Nice decor too.

        1. Kirara on Carmine between Bleecker and Bedford. Not much decor, not much service. Just sit at the bar and order Omakasei and relax. You will NOT be disappointed by the parade of inventive dishes, sashimi, sushi and salads. I usually ask for so much Uni that the price gets to $80. But without it, you can get Omakasei for $65 or $70. I think they got a Michelin star recently...

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            Ditto JimmyPage. Kirara! Just get the Omakase...it's totally worth it.

          2. Sushi Yasuda, obviously. Omakase there rates on the top 10 experiences of my life.

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              Hey and there was I thinking that you were an impoverished student!! I promise not to mention this to the other London hounds or your cred will be shattered :-)

              Of the names mentioned in this thread, Yasuda is the best quality option and you can definitely stay within the $110 budget and still eat and drink a fair amount. Ushi is great too but closed as mentioned. Kirara and Sen-nin in particular just not in the same league. In fact Sen-nin wouldn't make my Manhattan top 20 and it's not cheap either.

            2. I gotta say, even though it isn't going to be a big meal, I would still do Yasuda. It is that good. Have a hamburger a few hours later to tide you over :).