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Nov 6, 2007 06:35 PM

MSP-Best Biscuits and Gravy?

My DH, who is not a chowhound, is looking for the best biscuits and gravy. Please no 'fancy' version recommendations. Just the tastiest you've ever had or heard of.

We live in the Fridley/New Brighton/Columbia Heights.

Looking forward to hearing everyone's ideas.

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  1. Okay.. I dislike biscuits & gravy, but my husband does not.. so he orders it often, with the hopes of finding it good somewhere.

    Sunday he had the prettiest damn biscuits and gravy I've ever seen.. and the Grand Cafe (38th & Grand in S Minneapolis). It was too salty for me, but wow was it nice looking.. anyone here who likes biscuits and gravy may comment ;)

    I remember the Uptown cafe being 'okay', Egg & I being 'pretty good', St Paul Grille being 'pretty bad' ..

    1. Has he tried the Columbia Grounds Coffee Shop & Deli, up in your neighborhood? I saw them on the menu, and it looks as though breakfast is served all day.

      3301 Central Ave. NE
      Minneapolis, MN 55418

      1. Butter does a really quality version of the basic recipe.

        Butter Bakery Cafe
        3544 Grand Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408

        1. i am a big fan of the biscuits and gravy at the triple rock. it is only on the weekends for their brunch: but it is bountiful and delicious!

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          1. re: liquor cupcakes

            I too am a big fan of the triple rock. I love a place with a Vegan menu that also puts free bacon on the bar on Wednsdays. I especially appreciate the N.W.A in the jukebox. I am not sure Fridley folks would.

          2. Up in your neck, have you tried Carol's in Blaine? I haven't had biscuits and gravy there but I imagine it's something they excel at.

            Otherwise, the most memorable I've had recently were in St. Paul at Bonnie's on University (at Cretin/Vandalia).

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            1. re: MSPD

              Sorry I can't add more than this, but for what it's worth, the best biscuits I've ever had were at Carols old location in Lexington before it had a fire and she moved.
              This is years ago so I hope she hasn't changed the recipe.