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Nov 6, 2007 05:53 PM

Viking Steins

My friend wants a viking bash for a housewarming and I'm trying to help him out, but I'm having trouble locating reasonably priced, large mugs/tankards/steins. Any suggestions for local stores (too late to order) would be extremely helpful.

Also, if you were a manly viking, what kind of meat would you want to be served?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'm grabbing at straws to help you here, but there's a tobbaconist on the second floor of Hillsdale Mall in San Mateo who I believe has a display of steins. Worth a phone call.

    Vikings' preferred meat? Probably the best one: a fat charred porterhouse. No reason to get clever with that question - it's a universal baseline of perfection. Rub some butter on it and have a great time.

    1. For what to eat, there are plenty of ideas here:

      Good luck finding suitable horsemeat for the kebabs, though.

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      1. Well, in Valhalla (Viking paradise), one would have pork from Saehrimnir with your mead.

        Do let us know what you find. I'm invited to a Viking ritual this winter that involves a full moon, setting a boat on fire, and probably lots of drinking. I may need to be similarly equipped.

        1. Spaten makes solid glass steins that are sold quite widely. They are heavy and produce a very satisfying *CLINK* when clashed together.

          Here is a picture of a full one:

          Whole Foods sells them [at least the one on Potrero Hill has them] though you could doubtlessly find a cheaper reseller somewhere in the Bay.

          1. BTW, you can get viking helmets (complete with horns) from Archie McPhee, a Seattle novelties outfit.

            As for mugs, for more versatility and cheaper price look for pyrex ones. I would go to a restaurant supply store to shop for them. The colorful decorative German stoneware steins would no doubt make a hit, but a very pricy one.

            As for food, the nordic world loves sausage. Mollie Stone has very tasty big white pork/veal sausages which they used to call "bratwurst" but lately have been labeling them "Schweizer bockwurst". Also, I have seen of pickled herring at Costco reasonably priced. Haven't been to Ikea, but understand they have a Swedish foods selection, at prices to beat all.

            If you can find it, Siljan's knackebrod will get the guests' attention. It's the forerunner of rye-krisp. I comes in large wheels, say @ 24", and you break off pieces of it to put your cheese or herring on.

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            1. re: Sharuf

              Restaurant supply store, yes! The Oakland one on 2nd near the freeway onramp is where I'd check. East Bay Restaurant Supply, I think.

              Regarding meat, open wood flame MUST be involved. Perfect would be whole pig. As long as it's over real flame, the exact animal (except cuy) is negotiable.

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