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Nov 6, 2007 05:46 PM

Golden Mahogany clams

on sale for 1.99/lb at Lucky's -- what are they? Has anyone tried them? Do I dare?

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  1. Sounds like a branding of a standard ocean quahog. Quick comparison of types and cooking instructions (including the mahogany) below.

    1. wife and I just bought some $1.99/lb mahogany clams from Lucky's and cooked them in the traditional "steamed clams" recipe style. They are from the New England coast and are beautiful in color and very fresh...all were closed tight and smelled fresh as sea water. They are a little larger than the manila clams but very tasty. The only issue we encountered was that they had a fair amount of "sand" in them. We should have soaked them in salt water containing corn meal for two hours before cooking them so that they would have "purged" the sand from their digestive tracts.....we would buy them again and cook them the same way...saute finely chopped, shallots, garlic, onion and parsley in sweet butter with salt, pepper, lemon juice and dry white wine. Have a fresh bagette and sweet butter ready to sopp up the nectar....enjoy....!

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      1. re: johnygail

        Thank you -- hope they still have some!

        1. re: Sarah

          If they don't,
          I just saw some this morning at the Pleasanton 99 Ranch
          I think they were 2.99/lb

          1. re: Sarah

            Went to the Lucky on Sloat Blvd and they were out. They did have alot of NY Steak for $3.99 / lb.

            1. re: baron45

              NY Sreak...was it bone in or boneless...? Also I see they feature USDA Choice....good news

              1. re: johnygail

                Some had bones, some didn't. Each pack had 3 or 4 steaks.