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Cheap good pasta for 30 boys

Need help guiding 30 high school boys track team who wish to celebrate their season over cheap good pasta in Manhattan. Any suggestions, other than Carmine's? If not pasta, am open to other ideas.

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  1. Trattoria Trecolori offers a buffet menu in their private room for $25pp (not including drinks, tax and tip). You can see details here: http://www.trattoriatrecolori.com/eve...

    1. I really like LeZie (and their meatballs) in Chelsea.

      Le Zie
      172 7th Ave, New York, NY 10011

      1. another idea...Patsys is great (and cheap) for large groups.

        1. You could try the all you can eat pasta special at Becco.

          1. becco's pasta deal is really good as long as you like the 3 pastas they are offering that day. i think patsys might be a good selection for the group. it is a nice casual spot with many locations through out the city. i enjoy the food, pizzas and pastas.

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              I second Becco. Great food, great deal.

            2. Try Max (two locations: one in EV and one in Tribeca). The pasta is around $10-$15 each, and are home-made. The restaurant is pretty small so you can try to call them and see if they can arrange something for you.

              1. I'm generally a fan of Becco but I don't see any way they could possibly handle a group of 30 high school guys in that crowded space and small kitchen.
                Tony's DiNapoli, on W. 43rd, is more like what you're after, though it's basically a lesser Carmine's. Or perhaps Manganaros on 9th ave.

                1. i thought about the space issues as well for becco. i sat upstairs with about 15 people and we were fine. tony dinapolis is a good spot as well, family style italian.

                    1. I think Tony's di Napoli is probably your best bet. They can handle your large group and they serve "family style" which the boys will love. Also, the food is better than Carmine's. If it suits your situation Tony's is also located on 2nd Ave at 84 Street besides the newer location at 147 W 43 Street.


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                        Tony's di Napoli on the UES would probably be your best bet and the most accomodating. Food is decent, and the place is pretty big.