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Nov 6, 2007 04:47 PM

Eulogy belgian tav What happened

I been going to Eulogy almost since it first open I seen I grow into a great place to eat and drink. But this past Saturday was the worst i ever had me a some friends got there around 9 ish order two types of mussels the dijon and a beer with fries it took a little time like 30 mins the sever was great stayed on top keep apologizing for the delay. when the Appetizer came the mussels wee over cooked chewy and bland and the think the cream in the dijon was burnet and the fries were under cooked soft and greasy not the typing double fried that I am used to there. then cam our dinners 3 burgers that were ordered med rare all were well done and the fries with burgers were over cooked all crunch and no creamy middle. I complain to the sever who gracefully offered to get new burgers but we didn't want to wait so he bought us a round of beer. I don't think ill be coming back to soon the eulogy

Pros: great beer great bartenders and servers
Cons: over cooked burgers and mussles. and the fries just not good anymore

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I would give them another shot. Sounds like an off night. You've had a lot of great meals there over the years, why not try again? I would also call for the owner and tell them about your experience. I'm sure they would love the feedback from a frequent customer.

      1. That is surprising. I'd give them another shot too. Unless a place is a complete disaster, I usually give restaurants 2 chances. For example, I went to 1601 (10th & Tasker) twice. The first time the service was bad and the food was mediocre, the second time my husband was served a raw burger that was ice cold in the middle.

        1. I wouldn't give them another shot. I was there over the summer and had the same experience with the mussels. I had to spit them out they were so chewy it made me sick. The waiter took them off our bill but I will never be going back. Stick to Monks!