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Nov 6, 2007 04:12 PM

Caterer suggestions in Monmouth County?

Hi all,

I'm having an at-home wedding in Monmouth County in the spring of 08 and am currently looking for a caterer. It will be small, about 60 people, and we want to make it all small, passed plates, starting with cheese and fruit and leading up to more substantial small plates like crab cakes and shrimp tostones.

We plan on making some things ourselves ahead of time, and I plan on making my own cake, so it will actually be light work for a caterer, more immediate heating and cooking, and serving. Since this will be a small job, we're struggling to find someone who 1, would take on this small job but still 2, provide servers and 3, bring their dishes, glassware, etc.

Does anyone have any suggestions for accomodating, small operation caterers who make great food (of course)?

Thanks for any suggestions ahead of time!

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  1. I know a great caterer who does this exact type of thing. Her name is Nancy Marcotte and the company is Marcotte Caterers in Sea Girt, NJ. I'm not sure if we are allowed to post telephone numbers, but it is 732-449-0398. She has several different menus that you can choose from - including all hors d'ouerves, hot and cold buffets, etc... Her food is delicious and she can provide the dishes, serving help and bar tenders. Her crab cakes are wonderful. and I think you'll be happy with her prices too.
    Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials!

    1. I used Jacques to caterer a backyard brithday party for 60. They are in Hazlet or Keyport and have a web site. The food was wonderful. The price per person include everything that you could need. They have several types of party fares. I called and they sent me a very detailed list of options. I also hired servers form them. The help was great and did everything so I could actually be a guest in my own home. When they left no one have known that there was a party here.

      I would certainly use there services again.

      P.S. Jacques in catering a wedding in their reception hall for 300 that we are going to..

      Good luck and Congrats

      1. I have been to a number of parties in the last few months catered by The Chef's Table in Jamesburg. The have also catered a number of events at my parent's retirement community for 150+ people with great success. We are also using them for my father's 65 birthday this December. The chef is very knowledgeable and will work with you within your budget. Their catering menu is online at He is known for his lump crab cakes!

        1. For a suggestion completely "out of the box" I would recommend the culinary school and students in Asbury Park. They would welcome the opportunity, you would have their full cooperation and so far I've been to two mid-sized events that gave the school a try and were pleasantly surprised by cost and menu. I'm thinking of using their skills for a graduation party this summer.

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            HillJ, where is this school? I am always interested in hearing about a new idea. These kids are for the most part so eager to do well that they probably do think "out of the box". The students from the bakery at Brick High used to bake the best breads, cakecups and other desserts and so reasonable.

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              Babs, this is the link to the school, restaurant and facility offerings.

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                Thanks but the site is not working.

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                  General Information : (732) 774-3782 ext. 10
                  (732) 988-3299

                  Babs, I just clicked on the link above and was directed to the site w/out a problem. But the tele above should help you.

          2. Try Metropolitan Cafe in Freehold. I heard that they do catering and their food is very good. Give them a cant hurt.