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Boston food for someone in Los Angeles

I'm out on the opposite end of the country, and my best friend out here is a wanna-be Bostonian. He talks endlessly about moving to Boston and how much he loves it, even though he's lived here for 14 years and has no intention of moving anywhere.

His birthday is coming up, and I'd love to find some traditional/good Boston food to get shipped out here next week. I've done this from time to time with pizza, sliders, & ribs from a variety of places, but Boston is a new one.

I know he's got a big thing for lobster rolls - even though that's more of a cape thing, I take it.

Does anybody have suggestions for something I can get shipped out here that'll have a good Boston feel?

And I've been craving a lobster roll, also. Any recommendations on who might be able to ship one out to the west coast?


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  1. Legal Seafoods will ship live lobsters, cooked lobsters, clam chowder etc. They even have packages with the pot to cook them in. Look up their website- possible that they do lobster rolls also.
    Another possibility for lobster rolls is Stonewall Kitchen. I know that I saw lobster rolls on their website as well as lobster pie. However, not sure if that is seasonal.

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      Can't imagine a lobster roll arriving after a day or two of shipping would hold the same allure as getting immediately on that buttered and grilled bun. I guess if you're really jonesing. I'd get the lobster and make him the lobster roll fresh. You could probably get a Boston Cream pie from the Oak Room or Parker House but that's not as exciting.

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        I looked again and stonewall kitchen sends lobster salad and rolls for overnight delivery. They also have lobster stew, lobster pies etc.They are very reliable. Also, Legal sends lobster dinners which include Boston Cream Pie.

    2. James Hook is the way to go. http://www.jameshooklobster.com/home.php
      I've sent live lobsters to CA the last 3 xmas' and they always arrive in great shape.

      1. Heh. I went to college at Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles, so I know the craving for certain Boston foods.

        As mentioned above, lots of places will ship lobsters.

        Here's a thought for dessert:


        (Mike's is a famous North End pastry shop. Although there are better cannoli to be found in Boston [The Modern], this is the only place in Boston I know of that will ship you a cannoli kit online.


        One other thought: there are hoards of sausage vendors outside Fenway Park during Red Sox games. Probably the most famous is "The Sausage Guy." You can get his sausages online. Traditionally, they're served in a bulky roll with grilled peppers and onions. Here's his site:


        1. I used to jones for Wise potato chips (esp Onion and Garlic) when I was on the West Coast.
          Googled shipping them just now and saw a couple options.
          Not sure how the pizza scene is in LA but I was in the wilderness for years until I found Bronx Pizza in San Diego. Definitely worth a stop if you're down in Dago.

          Hey Jeff, will you be MY friend? And will you ship me a coupla carne asada burritos?


          1. Woodman's Clams ships... this might be more general New England than specificaly Bostonian, but what the hell. It's Boston enough for me:

            1. Great suggestions, and thanks all!

              Looks like a shipment from Legal Seafood is going to fit the bill quite nicely.

              As for the carne asada burritos, the best I've had are in San Francisco, so even I get stuck when I've got a craving.

              1. Almost forgot. They don't have Marshmallow Fluff out there/

                1. What a fun idea! I wish I had someone here importing my sorely missed foods from LA for me! :)
                  In my years in LA, the thing from back east that I always craved was good fresh apple cider--which, coincidentally, is in season right now! And when I moved back to New England, I realized I was glad to be reunited with Autocrat coffee syrup (though coffee milk is a more general southern New England thing, not strictly Boston)
                  I have to admit that while they don't have the mystique of Maine lobsters, there are actually some quite good west coast lobsters to be had at the right time of year-- I'd work on importing the New England-style split white rolls,* and deal with the lobster part locally.

                  * There was a post a while back on the LA board from someone in seach of NE-style buns, so maybe a local source of that even showed up?