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Nov 6, 2007 03:47 PM

shabbat mode- ge monogram or electrolux [Moved from Kosher board]

which is better the ge monogram double wall oven or the electrolux? the ge monogram has self clean racks (good for pesach) but the electrolux seems to have better features. Does anyone have good or bad experiences with these ovens?

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  1. My GE Profile oven has this feature as well. I'm not Jewish so I've never had a need to use it. But after I saw your posting, I read the instructions for the Shabbat mode and frankly, they looked confusing as the dickens.
    I'd suggest that you get the actual instructions manuals (not just the list of features) for any oven you're considering. I think you can download most of these on the internet. Some may be easier to use than others. E.g., to turn off the light on my oven, I think you have to unscrew the bulb which would be a real pain to do every week - unscrew at the beginning of the Sabbath and then screw it back in again?

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      I spent a week at the CIA, cooking on their new Electrolux combo ranges. The full time students refered to them as Electrosucks. The oven does not maintain tempurature well and the pilot lights are much to easy too put out. That said, they look great.